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Sep 2, 2010 08:47 AM

Oysters on the half shell in Oyster Bay?

Not technically the right board but I thought it may be the best place for an answer. Looking for a casual oyster bar in the Oyster Bay area. Having trouble with searches b/c of the name issue. Fresh oysters and laid back atmosphere is what I'd like. Thanks!

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  1. Easy,

    there's a place on Pine Hollow Rd, which is Route 106. Just called Oyster Bay Clam Bar. It looks like a shack. The oysters were excellent last weekend, was out visiting family. They have out door picnic table seating too. However it is not a bargain. 6 very good blue points was $16. They other option is Cantegury Ales, not sure the price but I know they have them. Most likely blue points. Got them once or twice and they were fine. Didnt go last weekend cuz its like an upscale pub and it was a beautiful day on monday.

    BTW the lobster roll was really good at the Clam bar and the stuffed artichoke looks amazing and is rec'd by my mother.