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Looking for a great cheesecake at restaurants or bakeries



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  1. Just had a great slice of Peanut Butter Cheesecake at 26 Beach Restaurant. The also had on the menu a Sweet Potato and a Coconut Pineapple, the host said the owner does the baking himself. The peanut butter was the BOMB.

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      margaret ham

      To comment on cheesecake in L.A., we were at Canter's last weekend and had their N.Y.-style cheesecake, which was a separate thing from one they had called creamy-style cheesecake. Our waitress emphasized that the NY-style was not as creamy as the creamy-style. But I and my father-in-law's girlfriend both thought the NY-style was just the thing and that anything called creamy-style that wasn't NY-style would probably be *too* creamy.

      Well, that cheesecake was of such a dry texture that it was like eating a very dense bread. It was really quite amazing, if strange to us, and while I'm not sure if I loved it unquestionably, it was pretty good. But we've always thought of cheesecake as creamy. None of us at the table had ever had such a cheesecake.

      Have we been wrong all these years?

      Also, Burger Boy, if L.A. has all that NY has and then some, can we have some bagel and pizza recs? (Or myabe you already posted them?) :)


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        For my two cents worth,

        Bagels - from Goldstein's Bagels in Glendale (until recently also of Pasadena). There is no other place in LA for a good bagel.

        Pizza - I like Casa Bianca's in Eagle Rock but I've seen some controversy here. Joe Peep's is great (on Magnolia in Noho not the other nastiness over in Hollywood), but it is not NY style. I have heard great things about Mulberry's pizza in Encino.

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          For NY style pizza, have you tried Mulberry Street or Damianos? And for bagels, try the Bagel Broker on Beverly Blvd near Fairfax.

          1. re: John

            John . you are right on with those suggestions

      2. If you're looking for creamy, non-NY style, I like DuPar's and the version they have at Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills.

        1. I love the cheesecake at Susina Bakery on Beverly. It is the closest to NY, creamy, perfect buttery graham cracker crust. They mainly seem to be serving their manderine cheesecake in the store (which is good, but not as dreamy as original).

          1. Strangely enough, the best piece of cheesecake I ever had ws at they Valley Inn in Sherman Oaks, just off Ventura.

            A classic from the 60's steak house, it is haven to oldsters, and the food is so so, and the wine ist is small and rules odd, but DANG, that cheesecake was great.

            1. I love the mango yogurt cheesecake at Gorikee in Woodland Hills. It is light and creamy and like no other cheesecake I have ever had. They serve it with the milky granita which is an icy version of ice cream.

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                Was there last week and they had an apricot cheesecake. It was good, but mango is better.

              2. lemony, creamy, smooth cheesecake at sweet lady jane.

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                  Sunshine Girl

                  I know the OP is not accepting Cheesecake Factory as a suggestion....

                  Let me just throw one kind of cheesecake out there that they had, that I thought was pretty tops (for me, and I'm not a huge cheesecake fan):

                  With the fall season fast approaching, I will give props to one (and only one) of CF's cheesecakes (once you wade past the 4 gallons of whipped cream they drown the piece in, if you forget to ask for "easy on the whipped"):

                  I don't know if they'll serve it this year, but last year they had some pecan pie/pumkin cheesecake combination. The top layer was just like pecan pie, the bottom, a pumpkin cheesecake layer. I don't know how they did it - kept the two layers separate - but my SO and I loved this. The two flavors, for me, are pure "thanksgiving," and together, were just delicious. It's a great way to have both desserts at once, and not feel like you're pigging out eating two separate pieces of pie/cheesecake.

                  So there it is. Now, you can all go and call me spawn of satan for suggesting something from there.

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                    How about Adam's Peanut Butter Fudge Ripple?
                    Godiva Chocolate?
                    I used to love one called chocolate marble or something like that but they discontinued it.
                    Anyway -- of course it's yummy -- there's a reason this place is a mint and it's not b/c the food doesn't taste good.

                    1. re: jcwla

                      And the vanilla bean, oreo, lemon raspberry (with cake bottom, boston creme pie, and key lime... (hangs head in shame, while licking her lips...)

                    2. re: Sunshine Girl

                      I would never call you spawn of Satan for suggesting Cheesecake Factory. Every once in a while I crave sliders and a mai tai, and Cheesecake Factory fits the bill. Two rules for food enjoyment--never apologize, and never explain.

                      1. re: schrutefarms

                        "never apologize, and never explain" might just be the quote of the day.

                          1. re: jessejames

                            ... in which case the exact opposite strategem must be applied.

                            1. re: J.L.

                              ...do you want to be right? or do you want to be happy?

                    3. Best Cheesecake in LA has to be ordered from Brooklyn and with that said the obvious place is Junior's on Flatbush and Dekalb. They will ship the f******** thing out to you and you will love it. Other than that I would go to Marie Calendars and get a Cheesecake with white Chocolate and rasberry , to die for.

                      1. I know it doesn't sound good but the frozen cheese cake at TJ's is good in a pinch. (so are their froen creeme puffs, fwiw)

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                          Just curious which TJ's Cheesecake you're referring to. I had the blue-box one... I think they call it New York Cheesecake... In any event, it's in the blue box and smaller than the other one they offer (forget the name). So I'm curious which one you had and if you've had both, how they're different and which you liked more!

                          1. re: Emme

                            I have to look the next time I go to TJ's as I can't be sure! I think it was the blue box...

                        2. Venice Bakery, 10943 Venice Blvd in Palms, has a surprisingly tasty version of cheesecake in their Mexican bread case that is quite good for the price of pocket change. It has no crust - all cheesecake - and they come in 2-inch squares cut from a big slab on a cookie sheet. They go great with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate (especially Mexican hot chocolate). And since they fit so well in the hand, at least one or two disappear while
                          driving home from there... I have no shame...

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                            Thanks! As I mentioned before - I have no shame!

                          2. I really like the cheesecake at C&O Cuchina on washington...just east of Lincoln.
                            Supposedly it is the cheesecake that is served in the White House. At least that is
                            what our waiter said when we tried it for the first time. It was damn good!

                            1. It must be in other threads, but did no one mention Amandine's cheesecake? Very light and fluffy, and not too sweet. An elegant and definitely non-NY-style cheesecake.

                              1. Chicago's Eli's Famous Cheesecake is available at Taste Chicago in Burbank.

                                1. My favorite cheesecake is the NY style at Canters. Buy it out of the bakery case, by the pound.

                                  1. I can't believe that NOBODY has suggested Harriet's Cheesecakes Unlimited, located in Inglewood, on Centinela east of LaCienega. Harriet's has THE BEST CHEESECAKE ANYWHERE. People from BROOKLYN call to request mail orders of Harriet's. If you've ever eaten an exceptional slice of cheesecake in a fancy Los Angeles restaurant, chances are it came from Harriet's. She supplies Los Angeles' finest restaurants with cheesecakes. She makes close to FIFTY different flavors, all by hand (That's right, by HAND), from a family recipe, and she only uses the very finest and freshest ingredients. Canters is a JOKE! Try Harriet's, and I PROMISE you will be AMAZED! Harriet's Cheesecakes Unlimited: (310) 419-2259 (closed Sundays and Mondays).


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                                    1. re: TerriDawn

                                      Thanks! I don't live all that far away and I had never heard of the place. Definitely give the place a try within a couple of weeks. Any particular version/flavors you suggest to try?

                                      1. re: TerriDawn

                                        100% right....best cheesecake ever, except for the cheesecake I make!!!
                                        Harriets is to die for. Plus the guys that work there are eyecandy!!!! On the south side of the street, in a small strip....ohhhhh, and super amazing BBQ one or two doors down (you can smell it as you drive down the street)

                                        1. re: TerriDawn

                                          and you're related to Harriet how?


                                          1. re: bluesman13

                                            Okay....I did buy a Harriet's cheesecake today to take to my friends. We were all pleased with the quality of the product. I got there about 1:30 and it's a small place next to Phillip's #2 BBQ. She has a dry erase board with the various flavors available for the slice $5.25 per. There were about 12 flavors (two of which were already sold out). I was interested in a whole cheesecake, but it only turned out she had only 3 flavors for sale in an 8 inch cheesecake: French vanilla, sweet potato and praline. When I asked she said the sweet potato was the biggest seller of the 3 and the praline a close second. I decided to go with the sweet potato and then she asked if I minded if it had glazed pecans on top. I assured her it was sounding better all the time. She's probably just checking for those allergic to nuts. She went away for a few minutes and came back with the "prize." It looked great. I headed to Little Tokyo to share with my friends. When they sliced it we saw the sweet potato filling was baked inside and was very, very good. Definitely not too sweet and light for a cheesecake (if that makes sense). I've had some very good cheesecake, but I don't eat it very often. I do know enough to know it was amongst the best of the ones I've ever eaten. Definitely worth a try if you're curious. I'm certainly going back. By the way, she makes 10 inch ones, but it's more a special order item. If you get two 10 inchers, it's a bargain. Not posting prices for whole cakes, because I think the moderators have removed some of my posts and I don't want to run afoul of "the law."

                                          2. re: TerriDawn

                                            AGREE! Amazing cheesecake...the decor is nothing special, just a guy behind a counter with a dry ease board with the flavors availible for the day, it's take out only but don't be fooled they have the best cheesecake I've had by far....I used to LOVE Rick's dessert diner in Sacramento http://travel.yahoo.com/p-travelguide... and thought I'd never find a comporable place in LA until I found Harriets. The BBQ next door is very good too!
                                            (310) 419-2259 (closed Sundays and Mondays).

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                                              I checked out some pictures from yelp. What's that white layer on top of each cheesecake? It's that whipped cream is it? On cheesecake?? Seems really weird.

                                              1. re: mstinawu

                                                They do a sour cream topping (maybe with some lemon added to the sour cream?) with their cheesecake. Don't know if they do it with all of them or not.

                                                1. re: Servorg

                                                  That's the kind of cheescake I grew up eating. I was surprised when I learned that most cheescakes don't have a sour cream layer on top.

                                                  1. re: aching

                                                    I like both kinds.

                                                    I'm kind of a cheesecake lover.

                                                    1. re: kevin

                                                      i tried the juniors cheesecake when i was in ny recently and it was as good as they say...had marbled with chocolate and regular....anything here like that? dense bot not dry...so delicious.

                                                      1. re: jessejames

                                                        The best cheesecake in town though not Junior's style or maybe it is because I've never tried Junior's was the one from JM Rosen doled out by the slice at The Grill on the Alley in BH.

                                                        Exceptional fucking stuff.

                                                        And the late Chino Wayne hand sung the praises of it many a time.

                                                        1. re: kevin

                                                          had theirs -- it's good i agree. but juniors a lot better in my opinion

                                                    2. re: aching

                                                      The sour cream topping is the cigarette after sex.

                                                      1. re: schrutefarms

                                                        That was NOT how my mom explained it to me when she taught me her recipe - but I take your point!

                                              2. I sometimes find them to be a bit sweet, but I favor the sour cream cheesecakes at Cannele in Atwater and at Susiecakes in Brentwood.

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                                                  I love those little mini-cheesecakes at Susiecakes.

                                                2. the cheesecake at the grill.

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                                                  1. re: kevin

                                                    THE GRILL on THE ALLEY or PASTINA. Their Cheesecakes are identical and both come from JM.

                                                  2. I really like the NY Cheesecake at the Palm as well as the Ivy at the Shore. I would be curious (and estatic) if there are better ones in the city.

                                                    1. I hate to admit it, but I too love Trader Joe's Cheesecakes. I keep one in the freezer to have for those emergency situations, such as having to have a slice of cheesecake RIGHT NOW!

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                                                      1. the cheescake at the bakery inside vallarta markets is actually pretty good. it's on the creamy side and I love TJ's cheescakes also, both the original and NY style. good and inexpensive.

                                                        1. Sweet Lady Jane? Goodness varies by flavor, but most of them are incredible. http://www.sweetladyjane.com/

                                                          BTW, how annoying is it to have the "only good anything is in NY" post on every pizza, pastry, bagel thread? It might be your true opinion, but as someone who's done plenty of NY everything, it ain't fact.

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                                                          1. re: sloanedone

                                                            I didn't have the guts to say it straight up - I'm glad someone did... I guess we can all be nostalgic... it's just that tagline, "I've never been able to find a Fill-In-The-Blank in LA that is NEARLY AS GOOD AS the ones in Fill-In-The-City..." C'mon all you folks from New York City and San Francisco (not Frisco out of respect) - can we all just get along? I am but one of a few native Angelinos left in this town but I don't knock your towns... how about a little more diplomacy for this town that you've CHOSEN to live in...? Where's Randy Newman? Hey Randy - you hale from the Big Easy - what do you think of LA? C'mon man - I love LA!!! Yeah Randy, we love it!

                                                            1. re: bulavinaka

                                                              Anyone who says that LA doesn't have something as good as NY must still be on PCH hoping to hail a cab.

                                                              But really it's just counterproductive to the OP. Is anyone seriously going to stop looking in LA and just start getting shipments from the Bronx? Of course not.

                                                              The only time I find it okay for someone to offer a non-LA opinion is when they say "The best... is at my mom's house" or something along those lines. At least that's cute and playful.

                                                              Getting back on topic, I also second the NY style cheesecake at Canters. I usually don't order dessert there, and was pleasantly surprised by it after my brother ordered it.

                                                              1. re: SauceSupreme

                                                                You and Sloanedone have my vote for, "Most prone to keep it real," award. I'm still laughing - on PCH hoping to hail a cab... you're killin' me...

                                                                I haven't eaten at Canters since I was in high school - that's decades ago... never tried their cheesecake - does it come neat, or might one expect maybe some fruit on top?

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                                                                  Totally unassuming looking cheesecake. We stopped in after a late dinner because Grace (where there are some great chocolate desserts) had closed for the evening and me and brother's respective dates had a craving for sweets.

                                                                  And in true LA fashion, we took two cars.

                                                                  The other desserts we ordered (from the case, not from the menu) were also pretty good, though the cheesecake stands out.

                                                          2. Nobody has mentioned Musso and Franks on Hollywood Blvd. My boyfriend and I went there in anticipation of the food - which sadly dissappointed us - but then we ordered a slice of cheesecake... I swear - pure extasy. Everytime we have something to celebrate we look at eachother, sigh, and say together "cheesecake" and we mean only one place, Musso & Franks!!!!

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                                                              Thanks! We're going there tonight and will order it! :)

                                                            2. Musso Frank has a cheesecake remenicscent of NY delis of old.

                                                              1. For "fluffy" cheese cakes (Like CF), the BEST for me has been the ones at Surfas Cafe. They had a Pumpkin one this fall that was my best dessert ever of the year. Right now they has a Raspberry one I had to seriously talk myself out of ordering for breakfast this weekend.. LOL!


                                                                1. As a general rule, I am not a big fan of cheesecake (maybe knowing how many calories/fat grams are in a slice has ruined it for me?), but the sheep's milk cheesecake at A.O.C. is incredible.

                                                                  1. I was delighted at the cheesecake I ordered Sunday at Louise's on Los Feliz and Hillhurst. It was creamy on top and dense below...fantastic flavor, huge and only $4.95! There's also a Louise's at Fair Oaks and Colorado in Pasadena.

                                                                    1. By far the Best Cheesecake is at Pavilions on Vine and Melrose. Plain, simple, & yummy!!! Has anyone tried it yet, I would like to know what you think.

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                                                                      1. re: 450k

                                                                        i've had it. the white chocolate raspberry version is actually pretty good. if you ask me, pavilions version is not far from cheesecake factory. i wouldn't say it's *the best* but pretty darn good for supermarket cake. actually my favorite individual slices that come from that particular pavilions is the tres leches cake, followed by a close second in the colossal chocolate cake.

                                                                        1. re: arisp

                                                                          funny, i can't stand their new york cheesecake. i find it mealy, dry, and not the right flavor. for those that prefer their cheesecake very not sweet, you might like this version, if you can get past the texture.

                                                                        2. Brent's Deli NY Style is great.

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                                                                          1. re: wienermobile

                                                                            I get my cheesecake fix from Susiecakes.

                                                                          2. Ricotta cheesecake at Colori Kitchen...

                                                                            Vanilla bean cheesecake at Literati Cafe (but they actually outsource it from an outside bakery, methinks)...

                                                                            1. That is on my way to work. It would go perfectly with a nice salad & I'm sure it contains no carbs! My day is looking up

                                                                              This was supposed to b in relation to the post on Brent's.

                                                                              1. I like Canters cheesecake. No frills. Graham cracker crust, nice, light cheesecake, sour cream top. I ask for an end piece so I can get a bit more crust.

                                                                                1. Although not a huge dessert person, the cheesecake (and pies) at Costco are pretty good.

                                                                                  1. Clusi Batusi is my newest Italian haunt, and they are featuring an excellent seasonal housemade pumpkin cheesecake right now.