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Sep 2, 2010 08:30 AM

Chicken Reduction in Manhattan?

Ive wanted to make Scott Conant's creamy polenta with mushrooms forever, but am not ambitious enough to make stock, let alone "reduction."

Does anyone know where I can find Chicken Reduction in Manhattan? Or subway friendly destination in Brooklyn or Queens? Want to take advantage of those gorgeous mushrooms at Eately and finally make this!

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  1. I don't know the recipe in question, but any reduction I know is created by simmering a base liquid to a denser, less watery and more flavorable sauce-like condensation. I wouldn't know of anywhere that would sell a reduction of a stock, chicken or otherwise. If you are sufficiently well-motivated to make the dish, you should certainly ALSO be capable of making stock, which is a pretty simple thing to make. Go ahead, think big and create your own stock/reduction of'll feel so good when it's done!

    1. I've never seen a house-made version, but there is a commercial product ( that's probably even more concentrated than what the recipe calls for. Presumably you could dilute it as necessary. I've never tasted the chicken version, the veal demiglace is OK in the background but not something I'd rely on as a major flavor in a special dish. But it's probably the best you're going to do without making it yourself.

      I'm not sure where to send you to buy it, though, I haven't bought it in a long time so don't pay much attention when I do see it. Try calling Fairway and maybe Zabar's, not sure about Whole Foods, Garden of Eden, etc, or maybe the company can tell you who sells it here.

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        I've seen it at Fairway, Whole Foods, Buon Italia and Dean & Delucca. You can sometimes find it at regular markets as well.

        Buon Italia
        75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

      2. Thank you!

        280 Ninth - I am motivated to make the dish but not the stock - thanks

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          By all of luck with the dish!