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Sep 2, 2010 08:26 AM

wine pairing

I am attempting to recreate Cat Cora's Truffled Halibut with sweet corn Sabayon from Master Chef last week. What should I serve with it? Needs to be inexpensive (spending enough on the dinner) and widely available. I am thinking a nice Chard? maybe a Marsanne/Rousanne?

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  1. Any idea how sweet the dish is. A dry wine will taste even drier or harsher. I'd lean toward a German Rielsing Spatlese or Kabinett. Should have nice acidity, but some sweetness. You should find plenty of inexpensive ones.

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    1. re: Brad Ballinger

      I don't have a clue actually. I guess it depends on how sweet the corn is that I get.

      1. re: cleopatra999

        There's some great corn at the market right now Cleopatra...since we're both in the same city, you know where I mean. I had some last weekend with a great rousanne/marsanne/viognier/grenache blanc blend called L'Ingenue by Elyse winery. Unfortunately, doesn't fit your inexpensive criteria...about $38 a bottle locally. But really good with corn and would probably really go with the fish.

        The night before it was Four Vines Naked chardonnay with unoaked chard that also worked quite well and would be a good fish wine. Can't remember the price...

        I also had a really great and inexpensive Sachsen gewurztraminer with corn on the cob about a week ago (eating a lot of corn while it is in season) but you'd never find it as brought it back from Dresden :(

        1. re: Dan G

          Hi Dan,

          Alas, I am not in the same city anymore, however the corn is good down here in BC too! thanks for the wine recommendations! I can always pick up a nice BC Riesling or Gewurts, although those will not be inexpensive either. We will see what the guests from Edmonton show up with :)

      2. re: Brad Ballinger

        Yes, corn pairs fantastically well with riesling, and probably would work with the halibut. I find fish in general tough to pair, and halibut among the toughest.

        The budget makes it tough, as I would say older Burgundy would do well with the fish, and the acidity would probably work well against the sabayon. Or very old Champagne, but now you're really talking $$$.

      3. I looked up the recipe and was about to ask where the "truffled" attribute comes from.
        I guess (most) answers nowadays are a click and a few downscrolls away.

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          RicRios, the original recipe that Cat Cora did on Masterchef had truffles shaved on top. the one you found is a bit of an adaptation. I will be using truffle oil on the end dish. It was actually really hard to find the recipe and could not get the exact. this is the closest I could find but will be putting back in the fava beans & truffle

        2. Cleo, that Sweet Corn Sabayon is tricky. I'll agree that a Riesling is probably your best bet. Not sure where you are located, but Chateau St. Michelle makes a couple that would work nicely and are in the $10-$12 range.

          Viognier is a wine that would work well too, I'd think, but that's going to be quite a bit pricier.

          Actually had a Sauvignon Blanc a week or so ago -- from Halter Ranch Vineyards in Paso Robles that has 10% Viognier, that would probably be spot on, but it's not likely you can find it too many places.

          1. Chardonnay works beautifully with corn, as in lobster corn risotto and other corn dishes. The Chardonnay (particularly Montrachet) and corn actually share some similar chemical components so they meld nicely in the mouth.

            Chardonnay also melds well with mushrooms and truffles, so again that would be my vote. On this occasion, I think a Chard with a bit of malolactic butteriness might be fine. Ordinarily malolactic wines are not my first choice -- they need to be paired. But in this instance, I think it will be quite nice.

            That being said, I am a huge fan of Marsanne and Roussanne.

            1. >>maybe a Marsanne/Rousanne?<<
              Yup. Though inexpensive is tough with this.

              A white Rioja might actually work...

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              1. re: whiner

                We ended up with a viogner/marsanne out of our cellar and it worked fabulously!! thanks for all the help.