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Sep 2, 2010 08:13 AM

15 East-Great Fish..But Overall, Meh.

Went to 15 East last night. Sat at the sushi bar, had the omakase sushi.

While the fish was really great, this was a decidedly lame experience overall.

First, other sushi joints in the same price range (Bako), serve you a soup, salad, amuse, and dessert along with the omakase. @ 15 East, there is just the fish.

Also, the pieces were served in such rapid succession that we actually finished the omakase within 30 mintues. This has to set a new land speed record for trying to push people off the sushi bar. There was hardly enough time to eat a sliver of pickled ginger between courses.

Moreover, when I asked the sushi chef to "just keep feeding me fish" after I had finished the 10 piece omakase, he proceeded to serve me two pieces that I already had. I would have assumed that there were other options that he could have chosen for me. He did however, after we were totally done eating, give us a free taste of some fresh salmon roe, which was truly extraordinary, and was a nice thing to do.

While the fish was good/great here, and the sushi preparations are good, for the price (230 including tax/tip and a half carafe of sushi), you can go many other places and have fish that is just as good and have a much much nicer overall dining experience.

15 East
15 East 15th Street, New York, NY 10003

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  1. When i dined there I was given free edamame, green tea, an extra serving of uni, a free live clam, and an extra serving of sake sorbet. But a lot of the freebies were just because my sushi chef was a really nice guy.
    i've never done omakase at another high quality restaurant so i dont know how the timing is suppose to work. How was your bill 230? I thought the omakase was 55 dollars.

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    1. re: daffyduck

      There were two of us, and we shared a half carafe of sake.

      Those extras are certainly what we were expecting. We got the tea at the end, but I just thought it was de rigueur at Japanese restos.