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Sep 2, 2010 07:35 AM

Tomato "Seconds"...?

I just made a small but wonderful batch of tomato sauce using a mix of romas and heirloom tomatoes that I bought at my favorite local produce market. It was delicious, but costly. Does anyone know of any produce markets in Chester County that sell second-quality tomatoes? Or, is that just something you ask about when you're there?

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  1. sometimes at farmer's markets you see them (they often sell out early) - or I have heard of making a deal with a farmer for an entire flat or whatever, if you are wanting to make a lot and freeze/can. Not TOO far from Chester County, the only farm stand I have seen that often has seconds is Highland Orchards in Wilmington. Tomatoes and apples, depending on season.

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      I'm familiar with Highland Orchards in West Chester. Are they related?

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        cousins apparently.. here is their website: - click "a brief history" for how they are connected to the West Chester farm.

    2. I think romas should be really cheap when buying in bulk, regardless of quality. They are available at the farmer's markets right now, so just go and ask for a bunch and you should be able to negotiate a discount.

      You could also try a place like Produce Junction if there is one near you.

      1. Try Barnard Orchards on Rte. 842 just west of Northbrook. Speak to Lewis; they frequently have seconds.

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          I'd be wary of second class tomatos, fearing incipient mold. Second hand fruit, ie, too ripe, would not be problematic

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            Bashful3, My Dad and I always got the big bushels of 'second hand' tomatoes from Maple Acres Farm on Narcissa Road in Plymouth Meeting and we use them for canning

            cut off any bruises or mush and you're fine