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Sep 2, 2010 07:24 AM

Why no Colicchio quote on The Craft of Baking?

This post is both esoteric and gossipy, so I guess my chances of getting a reply are minimal. But I'm curious:

Karen DeMasco was Tom Colicchio's pastry chef at the Craft restaurants for about 7 years, and her new-ish baking book, The Craft of Baking, is outstanding. I got to eat a few of her desserts at Craft/Craftbar/'wichcraft and they were always strikingly delicious. She has a very identifiable style: homey-seeming pastries (doughnuts, upside-down cakes, cookies) elevated to amazingness by precise execution and some small twists in the flavoring. The cookbook is equally impressive - everything I've baked so far from the book has been best-I've-ever-made good.

Since I love this book so much, I look at it a lot. But last night I noticed for the first time that she has a clutch of quotes from chefs on the back, and nothing from her old boss, Tom Colicchio. Given his fame and their longstanding relationship it seems like a very odd omission.

DeMasco is at Locanda Verde now so obviously they parted ways professionally... I am just wondering if anyone knows why he's not lending a little of his food-celeb cachet to her book.

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