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Sep 2, 2010 07:14 AM

raspberry jam

What's the best brand of raspberry jam?

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  1. Almost invariably I buy jams from the farmers' market - but for commercially available raspberry jam, I think I'd go for Wilkin & Son.

    1. Only available on their website, at their farm, or their satellite farm stand...Roses Berry Farm in Glastonbury, CT. It has seeds (which I like, I know some don't) and is the most phenomenal raspberry jam I've ever had. Not to sweet, the right hit of tartness, the only ingredients are berries, sugar and pectin.

      1. For widely available jam, I choose Darbo.

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          I bought a jar to make a linzertorte and liked it. Thanks.

        2. The kind I make myself. But, if I run out, then Bonne Maman is my preference for nearly any type of jam.

          1. I think Trader Joe's Fresh Raspberry Preserves, in an octagonal 17.5 oz glass jar for $3.49 is out of this world. It really tastes like just-crushed raspberries. The whole range of fruits in that TJ's line is excellent but the Raspberry is the best by a nose. I wasn't as happy with the Apricot as I'd hoped to be, since I was hoping for something as good as the Simon Fischer Apricot Butter I used to get when I was a kid on Long Island, and have never found in the Boston area.

            It is definitely a lot better than the farmer's markets and boutique preserves I have had, and surpasses my own homemade raspberry jam, which I will never again make (as long as TJ's doesn't read this and discontinue the line, as they seem to do with anything I am wild about!).

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              I forgot about TJ's raspberry preserves. I think raspberry is their best "flavor."