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Sep 2, 2010 06:00 AM

Heat and Eat recipes

Over the next few months I'll be making recipes for a friend who needs to be able to heat them and eat them. Stovetop heating is ok, as is microwave.

So far I've made some curries and some rogan josh, but I'm looking for other ideas.

Any great dishes that can be easily refrigerated and then reheated?

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  1. I've just made 2 batches of lasagna - one basic tomato-ricotta, and one with corn and lobster filling for my son - in my case, I'm freezing them in (large) single servings - he's working nights and currently lives in another state, but he's going to be home for the Labor Day weekend, so I need to send him back with a cooler full of goodies.

    And, since it's September and everything is in season, ratatouille makes a wonderful meal (even if you're a 22-year-old welder!) - that also reheats nicely (and freezes well, too, fwiw).

    1. Soup is always a great make-ahead meal, because you can freeze it and throw it on the stovetop or microwave whenever you want something homemade & quick. I love chicken soup, black bean soup, or anything hearty like that.
      You can also mix up some burger patties - chicken, turkey, pork, or beef as you prefer - which can be cooked on the stovetop in a bit of oil. All you need to do is melt some cheese on top while its cooking, and throw it on a bun.
      Chili is great, too, because you can also make it with any combination of ground meats and/or beans, and as it sits in the fridge the flavors just get better.
      Homemade Ravioli can be frozen ahead of time. Just boil it until al dente and serve with a pat of butter and some cheese. Delicious!
      I hope one of those ideas helps you out.

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        Definitely soups and chilis. Chicken soup, split pea soup, black bean chili, turkey chili, black bean/sweet potato soup, hot and sour soup, carrot/ginger soup, butternut squash soup... all freeze well. Tomato soup keeps well in the fridge. Just make sure to label the containers!

        Along with the soup, send some homemade croutons and rolls.The croutons can be stored in a ziplock and the rolls frozen and reheated in the toaster. Maybe a jar of a homemade vinaigrette to add to a bag of greens for a salad..

      2. second the baked dishes and ratatouille!


        baked stuffed potatoes - micro or toast

        burritos/tacos - send the fixings separately, reheat then assemble


        pot pies

        arroz con pollo


        pancakes/waffles/french toast :)

        meatballs/sauce with pasta separately bagged

        1. You might check the "lunch" threads -- using leftovers is a really common theme on those threads, so definitely a good resource.

          I'd do rice and beans (packed separately) for sure. There are a million variations -- Cuban, Tex-Mex, Cajun, etc. etc. -- all equally filling and delicious.

          Risotto is another one that reheats well, IMO.

          1. I just did this for my parents. I froze meal-size bags or containers of:
            Meatballs - pre-cooked-all they have to do is add some jarred sauce and cook the pasta, or do a Swedish meatball thing with sour cream.
            Minestrone soup
            Marinated steak tips - not pre-cooked, just thaw and saute
            Black bean chili
            Chicken taco filling - can be used for quesadillas too
            Chicken pot pie
            Admittedly there is minor cooking involved for some of these, but it's a start.