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Sep 2, 2010 04:25 AM

Turkey Sausage -- the hunt goes on

Hi Hounds.
I'm on the search for some turkey (or, at a push, chicken) sausages, for use on the grill, in lasagnas and pasta sauces etc. Had a quick search of the board (particularly enjoyed the Hot Dog thread) but haven't seen this covered - apologies if I've missed it.
I live in west London, have checked with my local butchers and at the farmer's market. I normally shop in Waitrose which doesn't seem to have any, and Sainsbury's is same.
Thanks in advance all.

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  1. Chicken/turkey sausages are not that common here. They're more of an American thing.

    Having said that, I've bought chicken sausage in one of the halal butchers that operate out of the Middle Eastern stores on Uxbridge Rd. Can't remember if it was Damas Gate or the other one (across the road and towards Shepherd's Bush a bit). You can also get chicken sausages from one of the stalls in my local farmer's market. Never seen turkey sausage anywhere.

    1. Sintra in Stockwell has a Northern Portuguese sausage made from various kinds of poultry. Awesome Portuguese food, worth seeking out and seeing if they would sell you the raw ones (or tell you their sources).

      1. I have no source but would almost bet that some of the kosher shops in Golder's Green stock a chicken sausage of some sort. After all, these people might be Orthodox or Conservative Jews, but they are also British and love sausages!

        1. Our local butcher (in Crouch End) definitely keeps a regular supply of chicken sausages. I haven't seen turkey sausages anywhere. Out of curiosity, wouldn't turkey make a fairly dry sausage?

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            You'd think, wouldn't you? They're actually pretty good _ and they're ever so slightly better for you (which is why I'm after them here).

            I've been here for five years and have been stumped in London, though there's a gourmet sausage seller online that I can get them from. I may be forced to get mail-order sausages!

            Thanks everyone.

          2. Try the Polish section in any large supermarket, loads of turkey/chicken used in their style of sausage.
            for certain