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Sep 1, 2010 10:27 PM

ISO Indonesian Grocery Store

I'm heading over to Vancouver this weekend and am wondering if anybody knows of an Indonesian grocery store. I'm on my last serving of pecel and gado gado sauce. I attached an image for the sort of thing I'm looking for... the last time I got a chance to buy these were when I went to LA and I haven't found a place to buy these anywhere around Victoria. I also have a friend who recently went on a trip to Indonesia and tried dodol garut and would absolutely love to find it here! I'm hoping Vancouver won't let me down :)

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  1. I have used that exact same product...but it was given to me by an Indonesian friend who visits home at least once a year.

    Hen Long in Surrey sells Indonesian products.
    14357 104 Ave
    Phone #: 604-585-8588

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      thanks fmed! Will check it out. I can find ABC products in Chinatown, but this is one product I like that I haven't been able to find here so far.

      1. Sadly, with a change of plans we didn't have a car on the Vancouver side and pretty much stayed in Kits for the day. We didn't get a chance to check out Hen Long after all, but I passed it on to my friend there to check out.

        hapwit, that website looks fantastic, but they say they only ship to the US. But I assume you've ordered before into BC then?

        1. Popped into Hen Long yesterday and bought a couple of blocks of pecel and gadogado. Great store.

          1. The new Asia Market at Hastings (near Gore) has pecel and gado gado blocks. Impressive store. Their fresh vegetable, herb and fruit selection is almost non-existent (or mostly sad looking)- unlike Hen Long's extensive and very fresh array.