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Sep 1, 2010 09:40 PM

Moon pies in San Diego

Do any restaurants/stores in san diego sell Moon Pies?

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  1. Ralph's is selling them, supposedly made in their "on-site" bakery, and I have seen them at Trader Joes (who knows where they came from and how long they have been sitting around). I would skip both from what I saw...not too hard to make your own.

    1. There was a candy store in La Jolla (now the site of Smashburger) that used to have them. You can easily order online direct from Moon Pie Central:

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        To clarify--Moon Pie, not Woopie Pies. Moon Pies are a brand of round graham cookie filled with marshmallow and coated in chocolate, Vanilla or banana. Wrapped in cellophane, made in Tennessee, big in the South. I know over the years I've seen them in a few random places on take-out restaurant counters, but I can't remember where.
        Thanks, bizzwriter, for the order link if I can't find them here in SD!

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          A few years back I saw them at Major Market in Escondido. Maybe you could call to ask if they still have them.

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            My parents used to buy them for us from Smart & Final when we were kids. Not a huge fan of them, personally, so I've never bothered to look at the ones around here...but it might be a place to check! Good luck.

        2. Oddly enough, they have them at Mesa College. I tried one just two weeks ago. Not sure if they are campus wide, but they are in the little snack shop, right across from the bookstore. Just in case you are a starving student.

          1. Think Phils Bbq sells them as there dessert option now supposed to be really good. Love there bbq so I'm sure there dessert must be as well.

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              Phils has woopie pies not moon pies

            2. Costco Business Center (on Convoy where Expo used to be).

              Box of 12, vanilla or chocolate. $3.99