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Sep 1, 2010 09:28 PM

Hartford Advocate sez "Five tremendous sandwiches"

What say ye?
I've never heard of cevapi,
but it looks tasty to me!

As to Franklin Giant's cutlet grinder, how could anyone argue with that photo? NOM!!!

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  1. Excellent post Katty! I usually pick up the Advocate on Wednesdays but forgot to yesterday thus I'm grateful for you sharing this link.

    Cevapi-never heard of it but I will definitely try one of these. Also, Tortas? I've been wanting to try one for a while. This wonderful list will keep me busy for a while plus I already ADORE Mickey's Oceanic for THE BEST fish sammich I've ever had.

    1. I had cereal this am which left me hungry to begin with. Now I think I'm going to faint!

      I worked in Hartford for many years and Franklin Giant was a pretty regular stop, either for lunch, or, during the summer for take home. I still consider them the best I have ever had. Those cervapi look good to me too. So many places to try when we get up that way.

      1. Wow, those all look great. Anyone had them before? Or have any to add?

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          I haven't had the lobster roll, but Mickey's fish sandwich is pretty great. Very light breading, perfectly cooked fish...mmmmm. I haven't had one in a while. I know where I am heading tomorrow for lunch!

          Personally, and I am probably in the minority, steamed cheeseburgers don't do it for me. I like the cheese part but the burgers? Not so much. I have tried them at Ted's in Meriden and at O'Rourkes and I prefer burgers cooked via other methods much better.

          Since I have lived in the Hartford area I have heard of Franklin Giant Grinders but have never stopped in. I'll have to make a point of going there soon.

        2. Hi again! I tried the cevapi tonight. You MUST try it, too! The sausages taste much like the meat in a gyro, so though the menu says they're "beef sausages," maybe there is lamb in there, too. The bread is similar to a pita in shape/size, but extremely moist inside--so much tastier than a pita. I asked, but didn't retain the name for the bread--starts with L--lab-something? The sandwich comes with ajvar (a roasted pepper and eggplant spread--they also sell it next door at the little grocery--mild or hot) and kajmak. Kajmak is described as "cheese spread" on the menu, and the guy who served it told me it's like cream cheese. It has the consistency of whipped butter and the taste of ricotta. Definitely a tasty addition to the sandwich, served with chunks of raw onion...I guess you could call it a Yugoslavian gyro. :) I ate a "small" one and it was more than enough for me. Oh, and though it looks like a sandwich, it's served with a fork and knife--fine by me!

          NY-NY is diagonally across from DiFiore (where I am long overdue for a visit to pick up some ravioli and manicotti). SO glad I saw that Advocate article posted online...yet another piece of deliciousness on Franklin Ave. can be yours for the low, low price of $5 at NY-NY!

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            The wrap is probably lavash -- which I also prefer to a pita or tortillia for my turkey-felafal burgers at home because they are thinner and more flexable. The sheets are available at Fairway. But they do dry out faster than pita ... so I store them in the freezer.

            1. re: louuuuu

              Ah, thank you...and turkey-falafel burgers sound my-t-fine, too!

              1. re: louuuuu

                I ran across this thread from a link off of the "2010:Your Year in Food" thread.

                I believe the bread name you are looking for is lepijna.

                It is the bread served with cevapi here in Houston at our local Bosnian restaurant, Cafe Pita+.

                Pretty unique, eh?

                A little late, but hope this helps.

                1. re: DoobieWah

                  Thank you very much--it really is unique and I love it! Appreciate the info.

            2. that lobster roll at Mickeys looks a little lame.
              so does that torta thing. wheres the meat?
              Franklin Ave chicken parm is the best.
              I lived in Newington,CT. for 50 years & have eaten all over New England & moved to Daytona Beach almost 4 years ago.
              theres a place in Ormand Beach that a guy from Milford CT opened up called the Lobster Pit & serves NE. lobster rolls to put Mickeys to shame.
              next time we go I'll get pictures.