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Demeyere vs All-Clad

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Going to purchase new cookware in the next few months. I love All-Clad and Demeyere. Does anyone know why Williams-Sonoma discontinued Demeyere cookware? I'm torn between the two. I've read a lot of reviews of Demeyere. The claims were the welded handles are not as secure as the riveted handles used in All-Clad. I like the welded design because I don't have to worry about food gunk getting stuck behind the rivets. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Talee, City Kitchens in Seattle has a serious September sale on both brands. (Much less than Williams & Sonoma.)

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      I agree, Leper. City Kitchen's sales are fantastic!

    2. All-Clad all the way. Watch Food Network programs. There's a reason many of the chefs use All-Clad. It may be because of a deal "forged" with the network, but I swear by AC's quality.

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        Me too. It's a joy to cook with my All-Clad skillets.

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          I love my All Clad as well. But when I see the crap cookware those TV chefs put their names on, I completely lose confidence in any product endorsement they may offer--whether explicit or implied.

        2. City Kitchens sale is fantastic, I agree and the prices on All Clad and Demeyer are really good right now. I would go there and talk to someone who works there, their staff is really knowledgeable.
          Personally I lean toward Demeyer, have 2 pieces and LOVE them!

          1. Sur la table has them if you want to look at it in person.

            Me... must... resist... the sale..........

            1. talee: "Does anyone know why Williams-Sonoma discontinued Demeyere cookware?"

              I do not know, and I have no insider information, but I have a guess. WMF (Germany) purchased Demeyere (Belgium). My guess -- it is only a guess -- is that WMF's distribution policies give some dealers in some markets effective exclusivity in order to avoid price wars between or among dealers. Contracts that prohibit dealers from competing with each other are illegal in the United States under the Sherman Act, but there are ways of working around dealer relations without explicit contracts.

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                William-Sonoma's site currently lists several pieces of Demeyere, in the Atlantis and John Pawson lines.

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                  Three years later, they're still carrying Demeyere -- fairly complete selections of the Atlantis and John Pawson lines.

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                  Demeyere is owned by Zwilling-J.A. Henckels, not WMF.

                3. Why do you worry about food gunk getting stuck behind the rivets? This could only happen if the handle is loose, that would mean the rivets are loose, otherwise the rivets are tight to the pan. You can get food gunk around the rivets, but that should be relatively easy to clean. I don't think All-Clad has a reputation for loose handles, so I don't think I would worry about that. With that said, there are alot of other differences between Demeyere and All-Clad as far as construction is concerned.

                  1. Williams Sonoma decides on what products to market based on their business plan, as does any other retailer.

                    I disagree that welded handles are not as secure, as I have experienced loosening rivets on pans and I have never experienced a broken or loosened weld. Maybe it has to do with the quality of the product, maybe it has to do with luck. I prefer Demeyere over most All Clad because I prefer, usually, a thick disk-bottomed pot, and most Demeyere pans are disk bottom. However, one of my go-to pans is a Demeyere clad pan, as all of their conical sauteuse pans are clad in a multilayer process not unlike All Clad. As for why I prefer my Atlantis sauteuse over an All Clad saucepan -- it's about the handles. I like the Demeyere Atlantis handles better, and yes, I strongly prefer welds, which are easier to clean around also.

                    I have some All Clad in both the original SS line and the LTD anodize aluminum, and they are fine pieces of cookware. I just don't swallow the WS/All Clad Koolaid, so you will not see me saying "X" all the way over "Y". They are all fine pieces. Pick them up, hold them, try one or two out before your end up purchasing a set.

                    BTW, all of my copper pans have rivets, so it's not like I don't buy them. I just prefer the construction, in theory, of the welded Demeyere pieces. It's really a personal choice at this price point.

                    1. Late to the game, but...
                      Viking cookware is made by Demeyere, and has the retro-rivets. Win-Win.
                      I prefer Mauviel M'cook stainless myself.

                      1. I can tell you demeyere is certainly another level with respect to all-clad
                        I bought an entire set (Atlantis) after an extensive search and comparison in prices (I chose my own pieces instead of buying a standard set) through cutleryandmore. worth every dollar I spent (and they are a lot unfortunately!)

                        1. As another option: I believe Viking V7 cookware (7-ply) is designed in the US by Viking but manufactured in Belgium by Demeyere.

                          1. Both brands have different lines that will very greatly in price. I own pieces from the 4000 series from all clad and love them. Also, avoid buying a set, you aren't saving any money if you buy things you won't use. Would you pay $40 for a spatula? No, don't pay $100+ for something you intend to boil noodles in for mac and cheese.