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Demeyere vs All-Clad

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Going to purchase new cookware in the next few months. I love All-Clad and Demeyere. Does anyone know why Williams-Sonoma discontinued Demeyere cookware? I'm torn between the two. I've read a lot of reviews of Demeyere. The claims were the welded handles are not as secure as the riveted handles used in All-Clad. I like the welded design because I don't have to worry about food gunk getting stuck behind the rivets. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Talee, City Kitchens in Seattle has a serious September sale on both brands. (Much less than Williams & Sonoma.)

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        I agree, Leper. City Kitchen's sales are fantastic!

      2. All-Clad all the way. Watch Food Network programs. There's a reason many of the chefs use All-Clad. It may be because of a deal "forged" with the network, but I swear by AC's quality.

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          Me too. It's a joy to cook with my All-Clad skillets.

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            I love my All Clad as well. But when I see the crap cookware those TV chefs put their names on, I completely lose confidence in any product endorsement they may offer--whether explicit or implied.

          2. City Kitchens sale is fantastic, I agree and the prices on All Clad and Demeyer are really good right now. I would go there and talk to someone who works there, their staff is really knowledgeable.
            Personally I lean toward Demeyer, have 2 pieces and LOVE them!

            1. Sur la table has them if you want to look at it in person.

              Me... must... resist... the sale..........