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Sep 1, 2010 08:58 PM

Looking for nice Malbecs under $15

I was in Argentina a few years ago (on a budget) and had amazing Malbecs for very little money. I think that had to do mostly with the exchange rate, and there were too many to remember all the names. I'd like to find some good stuff here (east coast). Suggestions? I had a nice Malbec at a restaurant the other night with an un-spanish sounding name. Can't remember exactly but was something like Eklacha (probably had one too many). Any hints? Thanks

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  1. Famiglia Bianchi malbec is particularly delicious and within your budget, they make great cab too.

    1. Look for Trumpeter and Catena labels, both from Argentina. The Catena seems to be at the top of your range, with Trumpeter around $10. I used to sell a lot of both when I had my store. Good values.

      I'd also second Famiglia Bianchi.

        1. Lately I like the Norton 2008 malbec, about $11.00 in NY.
          Catena and Terrrazas de Andes are also good, Catena goes for a bit more, but you can find it under $20.

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