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Sep 1, 2010 07:47 PM

Rose wine gelatin recipe - question about amount of gelatin

I plan to make this recipe tomorrow - Rose wine gelatin with peaches:
he recipe callsfor 2 envelopes (2 1/2 teaspoons per envelope) of gelatin. The Knox gelatin instructions say to use one envelope for every 2 cups of liquid in the recipe.
This recipe has only 2 cups of liquid - the wine; and the peaches are mixed in after it starts to jell.
Should I follow the recipe?

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  1. Yowsa. That seems really high to me too. I compared it to a Nigella jellied wine recipe (that I've made) - that calls for 5 leaves of gelatin for a whole bottle of wine. 5 leaves is something a little under 3 tsp powdered, as I recall. Maybe the author got her hands on some funky brand of powdered gelatin, and didn't bother to tell the rest of us? I wouldn't do two Knox envelopes.

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      Agree with Vetter. I've been making homemade jello recently and use one packet per 2 cups of liquid or liquid plus preserves totalling 2 cups. The amount of solid fruit or vegetable does not count toward the 2 cups.

    2. I've made two gelatin desserts from David Lebovitz book that calls for 1 envelope for about 2 cups of liquid. I think the recipe in the NY Times should be 1 envelope for the 2 cups of wine, like the instruction on the Knox envelope.