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Sep 1, 2010 07:14 PM

Restaurant for 19th birthday?

Hi everyone.

So I've already read many threads related to this topic but I still have yet to find something I like. My sister's birthday is in a few weeks and she's turning 19 (all of her friends are 19-18 years old), I am also 19 years old. We want to go to a nice restaurant for her birthday, some place where we could all dress up nicely (not too fancy or anything but definitely not casual) and a place where there will be music as well (preferably house, Arabic, pop or r&b). Also, something with good food (we're up for anything!) and in the price range of $25 - $30 per person. I was thinking to go to a nice lounge but I don't know of any nice ones. I want the atmosphere to be lively and fun. Most of us live in Scarborough so we'd like to go someplace not too far from here (Markham or Richmond Hill would be fine as well), but if all else fails, downtown is a go.

Please reply as soon as you can as I am in desperate need of a location!


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  1. The original comment has been removed