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Sep 1, 2010 06:59 PM

french roast

just bought a french roast today, but i can not figure out what part of the cow its from so i can determine if its cooked like a rob roast or like a silver tip, or like a chuck roast

any clue?

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  1. I'm not a big french roast cooker, but I've seen recipes that call for it being cooked in a sauce of a sort - not so much like a silver tip or rib roast, more like a chuck

    1. I cook like a chuck. It is soft like a chuck but with more structure. Fill loaf pan a quarter of the way with water and red wine. Add sliced onion and minced fresh garlic. Shmear with a paste of oil and spices. Cover and cook at low setting fro 5 hours. (about 275)

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        Sounds delicious- what spices do you use? And about how large is a typical roast?

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          it is unbelievably good and easy (cooks itself). paprika, onion, garlic powder. that's it. very old-style. the wine and the chopped garlic on the bottom really make it mouth watering.

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            Sounds delicious.. and easy. Have you ever frozen the leftovers? It's only two of us.. and I don't cook roasts that often

      2. Different areas of the US have different names for certian cuts of beef. I beleive that the French Roast is usually a name given to a chuck eye roast.

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          thanks!! i googled and googled and found nothing

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            I buy chuck eye and french roast all the time. they are not the same. both are soft, but chuck eye is fattier and pulled together in a net. french roast more of a one-piece thing and easier to cut.

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              thats what i thoght but this is labeled french roast, is much fattier than i normally find on A french roast, and in a marbles way, not just in chunks

              its cooking right now, in black cherry rum, rather than wine, on the advice of a friend, ill update you

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                ok, i thickly slicked a couple of onions, put them on the bottom of the tin, and then salted and peppered them, then i filled the tin like 1/4-1/3 with black cherry rum, and then added what was necessary in water to get it to a half, added the roast and then salt and pepper, smashed garlic and pulverized basil

                then i cooked it for 5 hours at 275

                IT WAS OUTRAGEOUS, close your eyes when you btie in to it outrageous, it tasted like the tenderists of roasts injected with pina colada, i served it on top of yellow rice, made from one of those foil looking bags, and was literally licking my plate, were gonna try this againw ith another roast for rosh hashana

          2. It's from the shoulder. Better braised. Even better: braise it slowly until soft. Let cool. Grill, brushing with barbecue sauce.

            1. Thought I'd add my 2 cents a few years later! I bought a French cut roast (it's a boneless chuck cut or rump - thick so tendency to dry out quick so said my butcher)...anyway, I slow cooked it for 6 hours, about a 3 pounder. When cut it fell off the non-existant bone and some parts were still medium rare, looked great. Dry as a bone even though it was on low slow cook with more than enough mushroom/red wine/beef broth/spices in it...I'll never buy that cut again. I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to beef, and I figured roast is like my Gramma's roast beef...nowhere near!