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Sep 1, 2010 06:27 PM

London Pub on its way at 700 Main, Vancouver

Poked my nose in here today on the way to the Wednesday Farmers' Market (which BTW runs through Sept 29, yay). If they keep the architectural details intact inside, this could be quite an impressive space, with big ol' brick arches and whatnot. Anybody have any intel?

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  1. So it's right at the corner of E. Georgia ?

    My first impression reading your title was this would be where The Brickhouse is (btw, are they still operating ?)

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    1. re: LotusRapper

      This one is smack dab on the corner, but that block has changed a lot since the Google maps pic was taken, methinks. This place is going to be big! I'm not good at spatial relations but I'd say it's at least five times the size of Campagnolo, with higher ceilings. They appear to still be doing structural work from my peer inside so it could be a while yet. Starting to get a few worthy bars in that hood, what with Bao Be, the Keefer and all the Gastown haunts not so far away...

      Brickhouse apparently still alive and kicking as of Aug 2 per a report on yelp, at 730 Main. It actually sounds not bad... on weeknights :-).

      1. re: grayelf

        its actually in the space of the former pacific hotel and pub (dive')

        1. re: vandan

          Nice one vandan. I couldn't read the little sign in the street view.

    2. It's open now. I haven't been in yet but drove by today and the sandwich board was out front and the open neon sign was up in the window.

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      1. re: degan

        I hear they don't have food yet...but they have beer!

      2. We were there last night. Nice space, high still had that "new pub smell". The multitudes of flatscreen TVs playing hockey detracted from the pubby ambience, IMO. It seems to be be more of a sports bar thinly veneered as an "Engish pub". No food as of yet, the bartender did confirm that they will be serving English pub food (meat pies, etc.).

        It is certainly much nicer than the pub that occupied that space. We amused ourselves by watching a number of the former clientele walk in, look around in puzzlement and walk right back out.