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Sep 1, 2010 04:53 PM

BAGELS at Dorval Airport (YUL)?

Does anyone sell bagels at Trudeau Airport (YUL)?

Have the option of stopping in Montreal on the way to Toronto for no extra charge and would like to get some bagels. Thanks.

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  1. Asking for a stop on the the way to Toronto in thats pretty extreme lol

    Why dont you just order St Viateur bagel from their website and have them delivered in Toronto.
    Min order is 4 dozen for 28 dollars.

    I think the only bagels you can get at the airport would be the ones in the morning at McDonalds...

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    1. re: kpaxonite

      They do sell bags of bagels at YUL, but they're not St. Viateur - can't remember the brand, but they sell them in bags at the MB&Co restaurant, and probably elsewhere in the airport. But I wouldn't make a special stopover just to buy them...they're pretty ordinary (unlike the ones they used to sell, from St. Viateur...)

      1. re: cherylmtl

        Wasn't Beaubien Bagel at last check(someone brought up the topic here around 4 years ago)?

    2. Actually they sell them in Toronto you can use the site to find out where

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      1. re: kpaxonite

        Thanks. didnt realize they sold them in Toronto. To be honest, I will still fly via YUL as it will let me hit Premier status on United.

      2. I think the Starbucks in the departure area sells big bags of bagels...not Fairmount or St-Viateur, but possibly called "Mt. Royal Bagels". I've never tried them but I seem to recall they looked fairly Montreal-y (i.e. not big and puffy)

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        1. re: stak

          +2 Starbucks, they usually have some available, just for individual orders though. Probably can't pick up a dozen. ALso long distance shipping, purchasing in TO--won't be the same. I got worried last night biking home to NDG from Fairmont with a fresh 1/2 dozen in my backpack! Mmmmm.

          1. re: stak

            I've seen Montreal-type (not sure which bakery) bagels for sale by the bag at Starbucks in the US departure area (past US customs and immigration).

            1. re: panpam

              That's a great idea, really. Haven't flown to the US from here in a long time.