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Sep 1, 2010 03:55 PM

What's happening in Ft Worth and environs.

Now that my In and Out question has been answered, I have a further inquiry.

I will be judging BBQ at the Bedford Blues and BBQ event on Sunday. Any suggestions for treats for the tastebuds on Friday and Saturday? B,L, & D, I am open, i have a car and am somewhat familiar with the area. Have not been there for a year and am looking for new. I would prefer to stay on the Ft Worth side of the airport. I intend to try to get to the Kendall on Saturday afternoon for the Maya exhibit. Price wise, not a big deal, I love a good taco truck and have fond memories of splendid dinners at Lanny's. If Tei-An was in Ft Worth then I would be there for at least one meal. No BBQ because I will be getting to indulge in a 24 course tasting of some fine bbq at the event on Sunday. In terms of breakfast, someplace out of the ordinary, not really into diners anymore, am about burned out on those. Someplace with extraordinary pastries and good coffee would be nice.

If you have never been a KCBS bbq judge I highly recommend that you check it out. It really is a 24 course tasting menu of all bbq by the time you finish. And you get to take some home, Bonus!!!!.

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  1. Brownstone is the hotness! Its Casey Thompson of Top Chef's restaurant and is getting buzz all over the metroplex

    1. First of all, thanks for bringing to my attention that the BB&BBQ is this weekend. I see that this year, the "regular" folks will be able to taste the bbq and judge in the People's Choice Event. Could be interesting to see how the judging differs.

      You mentioned good coffee. Relatively close to the BBQ grounds is Bon Giorno where the owner roasts the beans on site. It's about 4 exits north of 183 on 121 - exit Hall-Johnson, @ 1/2 mile west of 121. Pastries are brought in from a local bread bakery. See their web-site insert on for menu and calendar. They're a small local neighborhood coffeehouse - NO glitz, no shine.

      Here's a web-site for restaurant's to consider in the Southside section of FW. Skip Benito's. Cat City Grill is now open.
      See the left sidebar for add'l FW selections.

      Another area of renovation where new restaurants are popping is 7th Street, just WNW of downtown and close to the Kimball. The above mentioned Brownstone is in the area, as is the very casual Love Shack So7 and extremely casual and long standing Fred's Texas Cafe. There's probably quite a few others as well.

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        thanks CocoaNut, I will report back when I get home.

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          I had a late dinner tonight at Chef Point Cafe. It is what it is, a gas station with a great little cafe. I will probably head back in the morning for breakfast.

          Chef Point
          5901 Watauga Rd, Watauga, TX 76148