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Sep 1, 2010 03:33 PM

Can L.A. Area Pitmasters Bring Credibility to "BBQ Pitmasters" On TLC

It seems from a majority of comments posted on their Facebook page ( ) that season 2 of this show has made a significant diversion from the season 1 format. Instead of simply documenting the activities of BBQ tams on the contest circuit, producers may have turned the show in to a "Survivor emulated reality show". Losing the purity of real BBQ.

I have not caught the show yet, but do plan to tune in at 9:00 (Pacific) tomorrow night on TLC to see for myself, when some names familiar to 'hounds who haunt the L.A. Chowhound board will be appearing and competing with their 'Q.

I am hoping the L.A. folks will elevate the show.

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  1. Not a fan of the new format. Not every show needs a quickfire challenge and early loser. Or to decide everything in one show.

    1. I agree. It would be nice for locals to be on the show for those who still watch it.
      I was completely surprised by the shift in format. It's not for me anymore.

      1. Well, so much for Big Mistah and his able team mates Sylvie and Professor Salt going on to win the "Kingsford Trophy", but the three L.A. area locals are all winners in my book just for being selected to compete on this show, especially when the "ringer" brought in by the producers was Johnny Trigg.

        And I gotta agree with the majority of opinions on the Facebook page for this show, waaaayyyy too gimmicky. The alligator detour and telling them that one team would not get to present their ribs if they "failed" alligator was a cheap shot ambush that did not improve the show, just diminished the purity of the the "Q competition. I've gotta believe this "prestigious trophy" and contest may not even be sanctioned by any of the BBQ contest authorities.

        Wonder how much money TLC and Kingsford are spending on this "entertainment". Noticed the product placement shot of Johhny Trigg emptying a bag of Kingsford Mesquite briquettes in to his cooker. Just wondering how much he was paid for that or were all the contestants required to use Kingsford briquettes as their fuel source?

        While I was disappointed to see the Big Mistah team sent home, the silver lining in this is that I still will have plenty of opportunities to visit with them and sample their 'Q on the local contest and vending circuit.

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          While I haven't seen the episode yet. I want to. I've been following Big Mistah and Prof. Salt on line for years. I totally agree about the Kingsford award. To me, this season, this show is all about product placement.

        2. I tuned in and was completely turned off by the format. I had watched a few episodes of the previous season and thought it would be similar. This was horrendous. The Diva competitor was so over the top and trying so hard to live up to her moniker. She was so ridiculous.

          Furthermore it was such a farce to have the judges know exactly who was making the dishes and watching them make it. As soon as I tuned in, it was obvious that Trigg was going to win it. From the way the judges were fawning over him to how they pre-judged each group right away. Also what a complete joke to repeatedly call out the Diva for her que not having any flavor but she still ended up second.

          What a complete joke of a show. I tuned in hoping to watch some in depth info on how bbq competitions were handled by participants and also by the local LA tie. This was just another asinine pseudo competition reality show. At least with shows like Iron Chef and Top Chef, you got to see some cooking. We got to see almost nothing about how to prep and bbq.