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Sep 1, 2010 03:02 PM

upcoming trip to Munich, Salzburg and Frankfurt

I'll be in Munich, Salzburg and Frankfurt in early October (after Oktoberfest is over). I've read through all the chowhound threads and some other internet resources as well. I was hoping for some feedback on what I've found. In all cases I was looking for local cuisine and atmosphere and ideally entrees under 20E. We never hesitate to travel for food, so recommendations don't have to be downtown, but we'd prefer to stay in the city limits.

Munich 3 dinners. I was hoping to get out of Altstadt for at least one of the meals, if not more.
Wirtshaus zur Brez'n
Wirtshaus in der Au
Andechser am Dom
Der Pschorr
Haxnbauer (I'm looking for great schweinshaxe in particular and I read mixed things, but they seem to specialize)

Any thoughts on those options? Also I'd like to find a great, authentic bakery. I read about Rischart, are there any others worth visiting?

Salzburg 1 lunch. It's gonna be a day trip so all we can manage is an Austrian lunch and probably a bakery stop.
Alter Fuchs
St Paul Stube
Goldener Hirsch (I'm worried this place is too fancy/expensive for what I was looking for, but I couldn't find prices anywhere).

I've read about Cafe Tomaselli (horrible reviews) and Cafe Sacher (once again too fancy?), but nothing really stood out in the my research.

Frankfurt 1 dinner. This is a single night stop before we fly out the next morning. Definitely interested in a traditional apfelwine tavern. I've ready all the best ones are in Sachsenhausen but I couldn't find many recommendations or reviews.
Zum Gemaltehaus

Thanks for all your help. I promise to write up my findings when I return.

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  1. In Salzburg, we always go to "s'Herzl" in the Goldener Hirsch hotel (entrance is from the market square at the back, or through the hotel). According to their website, lunchtime menus range from 21 to 29 Euros at lunch time. Been there many times, but I certainly never found it overpriced, even à la carte. Booking is advisable, as it is small and always packed with locals and tourists alike... Perfect location in the Altstadt centre if you are short on time.

    The Sacher has a beautiful view over the old town accross the river, a short walk over the bridge; Ideal for a traditional coffee or tea, but yes, luxury and therefore expensive!

    Cannot help on Munich, I have only gone through the airport on my way to Austria (nice airport though!)

    1. I'm not sure if it's open in October, but consider going to the Waldwirtschaft jazz beer garden on the banks of the Isar river in the Munich suburb of Grosshesselhole. It's a hidden gem. It's relatively easy to get to on the S7 train and the food and beer are great (don't miss the bbq sticklefisch).

      1. Also, in Salzburg, I had an excellent meal at Gasthof Holle. Lots of well prepared Austrian classics on the menu for very reasonable prices. Plus, they have an absolutely gigantic Austrian wine list, including many by the glass.

        1. Of the Munich places you listed, I really like Wirtshaus in der Au the best. The Haxe at Haxenbauer is pretty decent but the rest of the menu and beer are awful. Much nicer farther down the block is Zum Dürnbraü. To get there walk down ledererstrasse, cross the street into the little alleyway called Dürnbraügasse. The Haxe there is very good but the rest of the menu is too. And the atmosphere is much nicer.

          Rischart is a chain. They're OK generally but for special products there are better places. If you are looking for something specific I can recommend a few places. If pastry is what you want try the Arzmüller (sp?) bakery in the courtyard next to the Theatiner Church on Odeonsplatz. Really nice selection there of very traditional stuff.

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            Thanks for the tips.

            Can you recommend a bakery for bread too? We love bakeries in general, who doesnt!

            1. re: turkob

              Most bread you get in Germany is relatively good, even the cheap places. You might want to try the Hofpfisterei bakery chain, they use sourdough starter instead of yeast and have some nice varieties. I like the "1331" bread the most.

              My favorite bread right now is sold by Manufactum Brot & Butter. Pricy but worth the occasional splurge. The store is right next to Dallmayr.

              The best pretzels are the really big ones you get in the biergartens, especially when they're still hot. But everyone knows that ;-)

              Oddly enough the best croissants in town right now (IMO) are at the little Brioche Doree stand in the train station. I'm just glad it's not on my way to work or I would be there every day.

          2. If you want a more continental meal in Munich ( we tire of German things after awhile), we really enjoyed Brenner's Pasta Grill - good grilled meats, fish, pasta and a heavenly dessert selection.

            If you want some chocolates, we found Elly Seidel's shops to have really delicious treats. There are about four shops in Munich, one right in Alstadt area.