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Jfood visits Lake Zoar Drive-In (Monroe, CT) for a burger and fries

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Jfood ventured way out of his zip code to the Lake Zoar Drive In in Monroe for a burger and fries. He always respects a place that names a burger after itself so he ordered a 1/4Lb. Zoar Burger, an order of French Fries and a long-neck bottle of Stewart’s Root Beer. The Zoar Burger consisted of a “1/4Lb.” beef patty plus bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, raw onion, pickles, mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise encased in a bun that is hearty enough to handle all of these ingredients.

He checked the doneness by cutting in half and his first thought was that the patty was very thin compared to the numerous toppings, but it was prepared medium rare. The bacon was nicely cooked and the cheese was fully melted. His first bite told him that a Dbl. 1/4Lb. was a better choice since the generous serving of ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise overwhelmed the single patty, bacon and cheese. The burger had a nice beefy flavor, not as rich and deep as a farm raised burger but still solid. The cook told Jfood that the meat was ground offsite locally and delivered to Zoar.

The French Fries were the highlight of the meal. They were crispy on the outside, still moist on the inside and they were salted immediately after they emerged from the oil so the salt adhered nicely to the fries.

Overall, jfood would describe the Lake Zoar Drive-In as a better choice than the chain fast-food burger. It may not be worth a special trip, but if you are in the area try a double-patty Zoar burger, their delicious fries and maybe a hot dog.


Lake Zoar Drive-In
14 Route 34, Monroe, CT 06468

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  1. But if you are in that neck of the woods, it's a short drive downriver to Riverside BBQ in Seymour. (Just don't have the slaw, they don't make their own so it's from some vat of nastiness at a big slaw factory somewhere.)

    Pulled Pork > Burger

    1. Biscuitboy concurs with jfood, especially about the fries....nice location too

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        What ?! Bb refers to himself in the third person too? ;-)

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          Gotta love it!
          and Bb went without me! WHAT!???!!!

        2. Love the zoar drive in. Steak and eggs, hash brown on top, a once a month treat for me