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Sep 1, 2010 02:13 PM

Fun Restaurant for Teen Birthday?

Hi, My daughter wants to celebrate her 16th birthday with a group of friends at a restaurant. We're in Doylestown, but anything in Bucks county, Philly, Central Jersey is OK. The most important features are fun, upbeat atmosphere and good food - nothing overly exotic.

All suggestions welcome. Thanks!

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  1. I don't have any restaurant suggestions for you. However, I would suggest you move this post to the Philadelphia board, which is far more active and covers these Philly burbs as well. (In fact, if you search that board, you may find others have already addressed this topic.)

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      Well, I don't know about the food, but Dave and Buster's is pretty fun. There is one in Philly and one at the Plymouth Meeting Mall.

    2. Thanks...sorry, my first time posting. I thought I had posted to the Philly board. Will try to figure out how to move.

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        Don't worry, it was already moved.

      2. I think the Contintental Midtown would be a fun place - they do small plates and/or entrees, have good food, and the decor is cool...sort of 70's loungy/swanky.

        1. Distrito is a great place for a 16th birthday party. The decor is fun, lots of pink, bright. I'm sure they can make virgin pink drinks in pretty glasses. They have a (smallish) room for private dining on the ground floor. After your meal, walk over to Cappogiro on Walnut Street for gelato al fresco. I have never had dessert at Distrito. It may be good, but breaking up the party for dessert at another location will add to an exciting dinner in the city!