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Sep 1, 2010 02:10 PM

How can I make a commercial brown sauce better-tasting?

I know that it's already very salty so making it healthier will be difficult, so what can I add it in it to make it taste better?

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  1. compound butter and or wine

    1. Are you talking about like the nasty knorr's powdered "demi glace" or better than bullion or even just the regular bullion? You really can't. I would suggest looking at something like french gourmet demi glace.

      Or, the whole foods I went to the last place I lived, colorado springs, actually made their own and sold it. It was pretty good.

      1. Are we talking about brown sauce the condiment or the stock-based sauce?

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          That was my first thought. I can't imagine "improving" the taste of HP Sauce (my favourite "brown sauce"). But perhaps the OP means "sauce Espangole", which is often referred to as a "brown sauce". The only thing I can think of adding would be a low salt tomato puree.

        2. If you're talking about canned brown gravy, I find a little sugar balances out the saltiness and a pat of butter gives it a nice mouth feel.