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Sep 1, 2010 01:32 PM

Quick Question

Are English menu available in Paris restaurants? My french is very limited and would hate to not know what the details of each dish is.


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  1. Yes usually in the top end restaurants, generally not in the mid tier (more local ones), and standard in the tourist traps (plus German, Russian etc).

    My rule of thumb is that in general i.e. not Michelin starred, if a menu is translated, especially in multiple languages, it is one to avoid.

    1. Not where you'd want to eat (see PhilD) but most all restos have at least one waitfolk who is daring, altho' all have had 12 years of English and will tell you what eat dish means (ad nauseum).

      1. You can download Patricia Wells' excellent glossary to take with you. It will take you a long way toward understanding the menu and what's in the markets.

        1. You'll be fine anywhere you go.

          Yes, we have made some incredible mistakes, but they, too, are part of the fun.

          Go any where you want and enjoy yourself. You don't go to Paris everyday, unless you live there and that's cheating.