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Sep 1, 2010 12:58 PM

Suggestions for Restaurant Week dinner on Sunday Sept 6th

Hi all - was hoping to get a few recommendations for this coming Sunday. Hoping to get a dinner reservation during Restaurant Week but since i'm not from the area (South Jersey), i'm not familiar with most of the restaurants. Can you guys recommend the best restaurants that are participating?
One thing i should mention is, my boyfriend doesn't eat seafood. I do, however, and as long as there is something else for him to eat, we could go there. Last year we went to Aquavit and it was amazing.
Thanks, and i look forward to your suggestions!

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  1. GO TO THE CARLYLE RESTAURANT!!! It is in restaurant week at the moment, and the menu is wonderful. There is absolutely plenty to choose from for your boyfriend, and it is all wonderful. I have tried everything on the Restaurant Week menu, and it is all sumptuous. Regardless of Restaurant Week though, you should pay a visit anyway. You will be treated like royalty, and it is a great place for a date. The setting is perfect, and the food is decadent!

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      Great- thanks for the tip! We were also looking at Marseille. I'll have to decide between the two since there were no other suggestions! hehe

    2. I would definitely not recommend the Carlyle for a date. I had a RW dinner there last year and I thought both the food and the setting were a bit of a snooze. While attractive, the whole experience was pretty dowdy. Tocqueville, Alto, and Periyali might be good choices for you.