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Sep 1, 2010 12:45 PM

Malted Milk Powder ??

Is this something you can buy in Calgary? I have seen photos of Carnation Malted Milk powder in the same type of container that Coffeemate comes in but I have never seen it here? Any substitutions that anyone else has used?

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  1. I've been looking for it in Edmonton as well. This is the best I've found

    1. I picked a container of Carnation Malted Milk in Montana last week and made some fantastic vanilla milkshakes with it. I looked for it at Safeway (Aspen Landing) last night and they did not carry it. I bought it out of sheer impluse so aside from throwing it into a milkshake, I am not really sure what to do with it. McCulver... what would you use it for... I am curious. Thanks.

      1. Isn't Ovaltine Malted Milk powder? The jar I have says it is "Classic Malt Drink", and it's a powder. I bought it as an ingredient for one of Emeril's chocolate shakes.

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          Yes, regular Ovaltine is indeed malted milk powder, should be easy to find.

        2. If you go to a Chinese grocery store, you should be able to find Horlick's. It's a malted milk drink.

          Some bulk food stores (in Winnipeg, Scoop 'N Weigh, for example) carry malted milk powder. It's usually quite expensive, though, so a jar of Horlick's is a better buy.

          eta--I just noticed rob1234 posted a link to Horlick's. So ditto!

          Also, if you're willing to do mail order, is supposed to be really good. You can buy it online, or you can try calling Marv's Soda Shop in Black Diamond, AB. They supposedly carry it.
          Marv's Classic Soda Shop
          121 Centre Avenue W
          Black Diamond, Alberta, Canada
          (403) 933-7001

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            Yes, I agree either Ovaltine or Horlick (although I prefer ovaltine). TnT I'm sure has some.

          2. Thanks for your help. In response to DeeDub here is a link to a great recipe website where they use Malted Milk Powder for cookies. I also have it in a recipe for pancakes where they say it is what make "diner" pancakes so good. Here are the links:



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            1. re: mcculver

              There's also Dorie Greenspan's fabulous recipe for Chocolate Malted Whopper Drops. Seriously awesome cookies.

              She also has a recipe for a chocolate malt cake, but I've never tried it. The pictures I've seen make it look incredibly delicious, though.

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                Thanks for the recipe links McCulver. I appreciate the hook-up.

                1. re: mcculver

                  I don't find it necessary in pancakes at all, however waffles are another story. The malted powder makes them crispier and lighter than versions without it, for sure.