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Sep 1, 2010 12:20 PM

Gioia Cheese Co.... current factory prices for fresh handmade mozzarella, ricotta and burrata

Finally convinced one of my Roving Friends of Leisure™ to get out to Gioia cheese in S. El Monte to pick up the Gioia tifecta sampler pack.

Here's the current prices for fresh, handmade Italian cheese direct from the factory. (These are the bare minimum quantities that they are willing to sell to the public).

Burrata - $6 for 1 lb.
Mozzarella - $12 for 3 lbs.
Ricotta - $6 for 4 lbs.

So, $24 for an absurd quantity of super fresh, high quality, handmade Italian cheese. What a steal!

Looks like it will be pizza and lasagna for dinner at my house for the next several nights.

Mr Taster

Gioia Cheese Co
1605 Potrero Ave, South El Monte, CA 91733

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  1. I am SO tempted to call in sick and drive out to Gioia and buy a pound of burrata. Even buying it from Bristol Farms, it is *easily* one of the ten best things I have ever tasted. (And if I have to make a $24 quota, well, hell. Make it four pounds. I could live for four days on burrata.)

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    1. re: annagranfors

      I always say... "I have a long errand to run at lunch..." It's super close to the Freeway. Usually you are dealign with one of the family members, who are VERY knowledgeable and friendly and QUICK. I work in the LAX area and have made it to and back in a litte over an hour. Just bring cash... :)


      1. re: Dommy

        You're truly a Chowhound of the first order, Dommy. What's your favorite way to enjoy their burrata? I'm thinking just a drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil and some freshly baked no-knead bread.... you can see I've got my weekend planned.

        Mr Taster

        1. re: Mr Taster

          A few twists of the pepper mill and a SPOON....

          I also love it with roasted beets and/or Tomatoes. As for olive oil, I must be a mutant, because I don't like Olive Oil on my Buratta or Caprese. I MUCH prefer Walnut oil. The nuttiness is a GREAT play with the cream... hmmm...

          Recently for parties I've been making empty Pepper/Parmesan tart shells

          and then filling it with Burtatta or Burricotta and then topping with Potatoes, Nectarines, Tomatoes, Beets...


          1. re: Mr Taster

            sigh, i just paid 2x the price for Gioia burrata at Andrew's cheese shop but the difference is a five min. vs. 40 min. drive. Heirloom tomatoes are so good right now (and cheapest price of the season at today's SM farmer's market): I just slice tomatoes, scoop a little burrata, a teeny bit of salt and freshly ground pepper, drizzle of olive oil, and that's it. Maybe a little basil. No need for any vinegar or anything, the flavors of the burrata and tomatoes are good on there own. Also, let it sit for a little bit so that the tomato and burrata flavors comingle a bit.

            1. re: ericat

              You know, what... The last two visit to Gioia (Including the one we did for the story) I didn't buy the Buratta. I get a pretty good price at Surfas and they have SO many other great items that are HARDER to find...

              The first , we ALWAYS get the Smoked Mozz.


              The smoke flavor on it is INSANE. We use it for BLTs. Tastes better than most bacons... HONESTLY... It also melts and shreds really nicely so we add it to pizza. :D

              Another 'investment' is their fresh provolone. We split it with a friend who called it Mozzalone or Provella. It's a great mix of fresh cheese with a nice texture and nutty flavor.




              1. re: ericat

                You can find Gioia burrata at some markets (Gelsons, Bristol Farms) and delis like Bay Cities.

              2. re: Mr Taster

                Hey, tomatoes are in their peak! A little basil, a little balsamic...some crunchy bread.

                Oh Hell, now I was about to go to sleep, now I'm hungry...

                1. re: Mr Taster

                  Make a shell puree and eat that with the burrata. Food and Wine has a Goin recipe for lima bean puree that is fantastic next to a burrata. Fantastic on its own.

            2. What are their hours? And are there minimum quantities that you have to purchase?

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              1. re: attran99

                No minimum... just flash the cash! ;D

                Office hours: M-F 8a-5p. If you have your heart SET on something (Like perlini) call ahead and ask if they have it availaility. They also deliver throughout the day, so I recommend getting there at least by noon for the best selection. Here are their items (They sell at smaller quanitities at the office.)


                1. re: Dommy

                  Thanks, Dommy! I'm driving into work on Friday, and leaving early...looks like I'll have to stop by. The burrata I can probably eat by myself. Any tips on how to use some of the other products (i.e. 4 lbs. of mascapone, 4 lbs. of ricotta). I can only make so many tiramisus and lasagnas. I would buy the fresh provolone, but that's way too much cheese for me to eat in short period of time.

                  1. re: attran99

                    Here's 2

                    Florentine gnocchi
                    Ricotta torta

                    Mr Taster

                    1. re: attran99

                      What a problem to have! ;D

                      I like Mascapone blended with berries for a spread. Works great in crepes too! Here's a recipe that includes a basic mascapone 'filling' spread:


                      For the Ricotta.... forget the noodles and just do BAKED Ricotta... I's one of my FAVORITE things... It can be savory or sweet!


                      Of course, post your question on the Homecooking board! They've been of great help to me when I had a 'tub' of something I needed to work though! ;D



                      1. re: Dommy

                        Hi Folks-

                        As Dommy has suggested, the Home Cooking board is the best venue to discuss how to use the cheese products that you find at Gioia, so please continue that part of this discussion on a new thread on Home Cooking.


                2. I just bought a 1 lb. tub of burrata at costco for $6.99. Not the same as fresh from the factory but lots more convenient.

                  1. Just picked up a 1 pound tub of Gioia burrata for $5.98 from Bay Cities.

                    1. I went there yesterday, and feel like I went on a buying spree. One big tub of mascapone, one big tub of ricotta, one tub of mozzarella, and one small tub on burrata. I tasted all the cheeses last night, and the quality is far superior to the other crap that I've purchased at the stores before. I shared half of my ricotta and macarpone purchase with my Mom, who was more than happy to help me unload my new find.
                      There will be much tiramisu, lasagna, pizza, etc. at my house this week! Thanks for the posting, Mr. Taster.