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Sep 1, 2010 12:15 PM

Stomping of the Grapes..this Saturday in Julian at Menghini Winery..

This sounds like so much fun..
$10 per person at the Menghini Winery in Julian..
10 other wineries with BBQ, Pizza and ice cream..they'll have an ATM machine too!
Roman Holiday the local band will be playing at noon.
September 4th 11am-7pm

Sounds like a blast..

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  1. Wow -- GREAT tip! Thanks!

    1. I spell a SD CH group outing!

      I'll be the guy with the grape splatter on his shirt.

      1. It IS alot of fun! The people at Menghini are so nice - they let us use their property as the ending spot for our K-9 Kruise every year. The barrels are a permanent fixture on the property, and it's a great location. Easy to find, and not in the midst of all the Julian traffic.

        1. Hope to see you all up there!