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Sep 1, 2010 10:19 AM

Brick wood burning oven in the back yard [moved from General Topics]

I am thinking of having a small/mid size wood burning oven in the back yard.
I appreciate if someone can provide some insight or links which can help.

Thank you very much.


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  1. Mugnaini....more of a kit really. Friend of the family has one....very pricey. You gotta really be into this kind of thing, as it's lots of work. Turns out great breads, and pizzas. He uses his 2 or 3 times a year, small parties, etc. Google "cobb oven" and consider making one of these first. These you can do yourself way cheaper, and see if you like the whole fire-tending, hauling stuff outside thing...Then get a real one

    1. Join this group:

      Many many members who have done it themselves. Access to many resources.

      1. You can get lots of information just by googling 'backyard oven'. Here is a link to a book that explains how to build your own backyard oven with minimal cost in detail.

          1. I just built, from the ground up, a 34" pompeii pizza oven in my patio. I can cook just about anything in the oven, not just pizza.
            My complete build thread is at Forno Bravo:

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              Your Pompeii pizza oven is gorgeous! My husband is considering building a pizza oven for me, and I have been looking at the Forno Bravo site. How difficult was it to complete? Did you order one of their kits or did you build it on your own?

              I am wondering if any of these ovens can be built indoors and be used safely. My husband wanted to install a regular wood burning stove in our house to help cut back on our huge electric heating bill in the winter. If the Pompeii oven heats up the house as well as bakes pizza, etc., then building one is our answer!

              Thank you for your assistance! Enjoy your beautiful Pompeii wood burning oven!!!