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Sep 1, 2010 10:10 AM

What to eat at King's Richard's Faire?

King's Richard's Faire is opening for a new season this weekend, and I'll be headed out to Carver, MA for my first ever visit. Any suggestions on what foods I should try (or avoid!) there? I already know about the turkey legs.

Thank you!

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  1. Not to be sour grapes, but I would highly recommend you not eat anything. It's really bad food. Go, enjoy the shows and fun, and eat before or after.

    1. Did you see today's Groupon for King Richard's Faire for $15 for Sat/Sun 9/11-12, 9/18-19?

      1. Nothing worth eating there, go out after you've had your fun.

        1. Your best bet is likely the turkey "legges" and chowder in a bread bowl. King Richard's had a surprisingly small variety of food when I was there -- lots of chicken fingers, frozen pizzas, etc. I remember one food stand offering some tasty baked goods such as homemade seven-layer bars and lemon sfogliatelle.

          For a foodie Faire, go to the Sterling Renaissance Fest in upstate NYC. Local micro-breweries, open-pit BBQ, and the single best cream puff I've ever had anywhere.

          1. We go there every year. It's our traditional birthday gift to my daughter's best friend. The food is uniformly bad. (Hey, at least they're consistent, which is more than I can say for some high-end restaurants!) The only thing you should try (if you drink alcohol) is the mead, just because you don't see that in too many places.

            It's really sad that they don't make food more of a focus because the renaissance era really did have some interesting dishes that foodies today might enjoy. But I guess KRF makes enough money without having to do anything special. Do be prepared with loads of cash. They have an ATM, but the fees are steep. And remember that even if you eat very little, you will pay dearly for just about everything else.