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Sep 1, 2010 10:08 AM

Best Underground Eating Experiences in New York

Hey Hounds,

My husband and I are currently living in London and know the underground "supper club" scene here pretty well.

We're going to be in New York for a wedding in late September/early October and would love to incorporate an underground event into our (already gluttonous) itinerary.

I'm wondering what some of your favorites are?

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Apologies for my ignorance but what is an Underground Supper Club?

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    1. re: princeofpork

      It's just that underground. (Don't worry, I also have no clue what it is)

      1. re: IntrepidNook

        its a club set up by either diners or a chef where they meet in either someone's house or maybe at a restaurant after hours or on a day off and the chef cooks a meal (usually a surprise tasting menu with no substitutions).

        Some are secret (only by invite) and some are open. Here's an example of an "open" but technically underground dining club in Miami...

        1. re: wreckers00

          I haven't been to any, but here are a few underground supper clubs in the New York metropolitan area:

          Home Slice West -
          Bite Club -
          One Big Table -

          Here's a New York Post article on supper clubs:

          1. re: fm1963

            I'm not sure if Homeslice is still operating. I went to a few of their dinners (enjoyable but not truly memorable) and used to get e mail invites from them regularly but haven't gotten anything from them in some time.

            1. re: fm1963

              Great post, KateHC. Have fun.
              Thanks for the suggestions, fm1963. I've learned something new tonight thanks to you both!!

              1. re: nativeNYer

                Sorry all... being in London and 5 hours ahead of local time, I'm running a little behind on my posts. Here's a rather impressive list that I ran across last evening right after posting this...

                fm1963, thanks for the info... I'll definitely look into these! I've heard Bite New York tends to be one of the better of the lot, but is currently closed until November.

                I've discovered that New York's underground dining scene can be very hit and miss. So, I would suggest the experience to everyone, but strive to get on the more exclusive lists, because those tend to be the most memorable experiences! A lot of places keep FB pages to keep patrons up-to-date on their happenings.

                Here's my favorite so far in London:

                It's a fantastic experience, and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting and looking for an authentic London dining experience!