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Sep 1, 2010 09:49 AM

Oregon Coast (Depoe Bay, Newport)

Quick trip to the coast. Stayed at the Whale Cove Inn in Depoe Bay and ate the first night at their restaurant, Restaurant Beck. Was a little wary at first as the service started out very slow. Just give me a glass of champagne and then you can leave me for awhile. They were much busier that they had expected though and the food and view were worth the wait. 4 courses that can change nightly. Well executed. We would have repeated the next night but they were closed and nearby reservations were hard to come by so we ended up at Tidal Raves. Had heard that the food was so-so and that was our experience, but we had a little corner table with a great view. When I complimented that hostess on the fantastic service by our server, she informed me that the server was filling in for someone and was actually the owner. Well, no wonder. Pecan crusted fresh halibut (rare to not be previously frozen) with carmelized onion sauce was good.

Lunch at Local Ocean in Newport was fantastic. The fish comes in fresh from the boats in port and in the seafood case you can actually read not only where and when the fish was caught buy also by which fishing vessel. Great crabcakes, black bean soup. Really casual atmosphere. Be prepared to wait. Went down to the boats afterward and talked to a couple of fishermen who referred us to the same restaurant. Great.

Restaurant Beck
2345 S HWY 101, Depoe Bay, OR 97341

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  1. I just wanted to add that I recently came back from a trip to Oregon. We found the Side Door in Gleneden Beach to be a very nice bistro, with a great wine list, and terrific entrees. An alternative to the somewhat overpriced restaurant at the Salishan resort where we were staying.

    Side Door Cafe
    6645 Gleneden Beach Loop, Gleneden Beach, OR 97388

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      I heard the same from the Whale Cove Inn owner. Unfortunately they were booked on our free night. Too bad.

    2. Restaurant Beck is truly a mixed bag. The restaurant enjoys incredible ocean views and dining at sunset is a magical experience. This restaurant is trying hard to be a fine dining experience, in an Oregon style. We found the service to be friendly and competent, and quite laid back. Some of the food was quite good, some just ok. A butternut squash soup was excellent, a lamb entrée was very dry and stringy. I cannot provide more details as I did not take notes and the menu is not posted online. One thing that really surprised us was that the menu contained very few items that are actually from Oregon. The only seafood option was Maine scallops. No salmon, no other seafood from the West Coast. There were some items from a nearby farm (Barking Dog), but they were a relatively small portion of the menu. The cost of the meal was considerably less than we would have paid where we live in Washington DC for a similar meal without the view, so we forgave the less than perfect details.
      Restaurant Beck
      2345 S Hwy 101
      Depoe Bay, OR 97341
      (541) 765-3220

      Restaurant Beck
      2345 S HWY 101, Depoe Bay, OR 97341