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Sep 1, 2010 09:19 AM

Reasonable Indian/Pakistani Food in Houston

I love Indo-Paki food, but also think it is often over priced for quality and quantity received.

I like Himalaya and a few other placess, but do Chowhounds have any recommendations for this type of food that are both tasty and peasonably priced.

Also any weekend buffets that fit that bill?


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  1. Sabri Nihari just off of Highway 59 on Hillcroft - does great cheap Pakistani food. Buffet is about $10 and then there is a la carte. Buffet has dishes like Beef Nihari, Beef Haleem and a bunch of other well prepared Indo/Pak dishes. Nan gets served straight from the oven. Buffet these days also includes Chinese dishes - which I avoid but apparently there is demand for it.