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Sep 1, 2010 09:19 AM

Reasonable Indian/Pakistani Food in Houston

I love Indo-Paki food, but also think it is often over priced for quality and quantity received.

I like Himalaya and a few other placess, but do Chowhounds have any recommendations for this type of food that are both tasty and peasonably priced.

Also any weekend buffets that fit that bill?


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  1. Sabri Nihari on Hillcroft near highway 59 is awesome Pakistani and dirt cheap. Buffet is around $10 and has both Beef Nihari and haleem

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      Sabri Nihari is a good option. If going to a Pakistani restaurant this week though, remember it is still Ramadan. You should call ahead to make sure they're open before sunset and see if they have an if-tar buffet. That would be a treat.

    2. My Indian and Pakistani friends at work say really good things about London Sizzler, which is near Hillcroft and SW Fwy.
      I've been to a bunch of Indian buffets. My fave is still Pavani, which is near SW Fwy and Beltway 8. Sorry can't give better directions, I could drive there but can't think of what exit it is. Pavani is nice and relaxed and the service is friendly. Their buffet has a few more choices than most buffets.

      1. I have found Indian and Pakistani restaurants very reasonably priced in Houston. Sabri Nihari is excellent for the name sake dish. There used to be another place, Elihu's Sabri Nihari, further up Hillcroft near Richmond, that was a buffet. They've changed to Lazeeza Grill now and I don't know if they still do a buffet but you could check. I tend to go to Indian for Vegetarian and to Paki when I want meat. Udipi Cafe on Hillcroft, across from where Himalaya is, is a veg buffet; also, their sister restaurant, Krishna Chaat, is a veggie diner with a small evening buffet, when Udipi switches over to menu service. Bombay Sweets a half block north of Udipi is also a veg buffet -- very popular but I don't think as good. Bhojan, down the SW Fwy about half a mile is a Gujurati buffet and very good. Shri Balaji Bhavan, just up Hillcroft from Harwin, is hugely popular with foodies and very good - counter service, not buffet. All of these are very inexpensive.

        There is a cluster of Indo-Pak restaurants further out 59 around W Bellfort, Wilcrest and 59, mostly Paki. Savoy, on WIlcrest, counter service, is very good; Aga's, south of the Freeway is not quite as good but still good; the salad tends to be a little past it's prime at Savoy, excellent at Aga's. Along W. Bellfort, I like the little Sweet n Namkin, just recently discovered, but it's doesn't open until mid-afternoon.

        A block off 59 and Bissonnet is La Sani, a Paki buffet Wednesday thru Monday, midday and evening,less than $10. Best naan of all of them on the far SW side, I think, limited vegetable options on the buffet, which is small but good variety of meat dishes. Their beef nihari however is not very good.

        I have always thought London Sizzler was very expensive. I have never been to Pavani.

        Lazeeza Restaurant
        3991 Fm 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX 77068

        Udipi Cafe
        4632 Fm 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX 77069

        1. @owlman70, did you visit any good locations?

          Just reporting that we had the most fabulous meal at London Sizzler last weekend. No buffet, but a warm tika masala and a fiery vindaloo, along with some super samosas made for a very happy day. We too had heard a lot about this place and now we will be regulars.

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            completely agree with the comments above.. visited the London sizzler a couple of wks ago and left completely satisfied with our meal that included the Pili Pili (spicy east african sauce with Mogo), chili chx tikka, veg jalfrazi and garlic naan. generous portions,, served at a very reasonable price. Going back today to sample the Vindaloo and Samosa's. if you like it "hot" and spicy, this is the place!