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Sep 1, 2010 08:48 AM

Where do you go when you visit Aruba?

I read and responded to SunGlow's message yesterday... We are going to Aruba for a week very soon. I'm looking for your recommendations. So far on my list of possibilites are:
SImply Fish
Wacky Wahoo's

we are staying at the casa del mar. We'd like to go out for one, maybe two nice dinners. Other than that, I'm interested in eating good, local fresh food. We haven't decided if we'll rent a car. :)

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  1. Madame Jeanette's. Good food, good atmosphere, good wine list.

    1. Matthews right at Casa Del Mar has good food, great ambience (right on beach) and fun at night. Their all you can eat ribs are supposed to be very good and their karaoke night /martini night really does have people dancing on the bar.

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        I second Madame Jeanette's. I also like Yemani Grill

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            I second Yemanja Grill....also Que Pasa. For something downscale, but good...Old Fisherman in town.

      2. We were in Aruba last April over Easter. I would rent a car and go to the flying fishbone. We were there on Easter Sunday with our 2 boys (8 and 12 at the time). Their website leads to one to believe they are not kid tolerant. It was mostly families that night and our kids enjoyed it.

        There is also a local pancake (pannekok) near the main strip that after asking 3 - 4 locals we finally found it. Sorry I can't remember the name. It was about a 15 min walk from the Westin Aruba away from the water and across the hghway.

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          Maybe you mean Linda's Pancakes.

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            I realize this is a dated post, but the flying fishbone - is that the fish place where there are all sorts of fish tanks? Or maybe I am thinking of the bucaneer?

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              I don't know about fishtanks, the pictures I saw of Flying Fishbone showed people eating at tables set on the beach.

          2. Wacky Wahoo's is great simple fresh fish. Que pasa was also mentioned and is another great downtown option. Madame jeanette's is definitely one of my must dine options on the island. We also enjoyed the atmosphere at Gianni's(though I prefer not to eat Italian when in the caribean). And for a less hastle alternative to The flying fishbone try Passion's where you dine with your feet in the sand feet from the beautiful ocean. perfect at sunset.

            1. Places I enjoyed: Mrs. Kellys Food Truck, Gasparito, King Rib, Sunset Grill.

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                We like Madame Jennetts, Bingo,Gasparito and Matthews