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Sep 1, 2010 08:38 AM

Dragon Restaurant in Pittsfield reopening as a steakhouse?

Does anyone know what is going on with the Dragon on Rte. 20 in Pittsfield, MA? I drove by there and the "Openning Soon" sign that has been up for almost two years was taken down and there's a new "formal" sign up that says Dragon (in small letters) Steakhouse (in large letters). I don't understand when they had such a popular following of their Vietnamese food, why they would give that up to do a Steakhouse?

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  1. I've been driving by regularly, and didn't notice there was still any "dragon" to the sign. I was assuming that the business was totally new and had nothing to do with the Dragon. I did see a woman in and out of the restaurant on two occasions, and she was certainly not part of the family that used to run the Dragon.
    Can't say I'm excited about it being replaced by a steakhouse.