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Sep 1, 2010 07:56 AM

ISO Moist lemon cupcake recipe (with frosting) to make at least 24 hrs in advance

Wedding cupcakes next weekend.

I normally do a kind of lemon poundcake when I have to do a lemon cake for weddings, but am a bit stuck on what type of recipe to do. I've heard that the Ina Garten recipe (Lemon yogurt loaf) is good but I want to ice the cakes. Do you think it will taste as good with a lemon cream cheese frosting?

I want to test a couple of recipes this week, don't really want to test more than that.

Just want to ensure that cake fills the cups, and is moist and with a relatively tight crumb, rather than a fluffy cake which will obviously dry out faster.

Any tips gratefully received.

Just doing a classic cream cheese frostings because the cakes will be in a cool room (frosted) for a day and I am not so keen on the swiss meringue frosting - very butter rich.


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  1. Also, was thinking that the Ina Garten recipe for Orange Chocolate Chunk cake is so good, I could just make it without the chocolate and swap the orange flavouring for lemon - I've made that cake as cupcakes and they are good (very rich with the chocolate frosting tho!). The cake has a very nice texture.

    1. I love the epicurious lemon layer cake, a sponge cake brushed with lemon simple syrup. If you want moist, I'd use your favorite recipe and brush it w/ the simple syrup.

      The mascarpone frosting is also excellent and holds up well. It's lighter than cream cheese frosting.

      Another lemon cake I like is using Granmama's orange ring cake recipe here, but using lemon instead of orange. Just brush on the syrup instead of pouring it. It's a denser cake than the epicurious one.

      1. I really love the Lightning Cake from Joy of Cooking. It's lemon scented & quite nice & moist. I make these for my children's birthday parties in cupcake form & they do very well the next day.

        FYI- I triple the recipe & it makes about 30 regular sized cupcakes & 12 mini.

        Here's the recipe, abbreviated appropriately:

        Makes 1 8" round cake

        1 cup ap flour
        1 t baking powder
        1/4 t salt
        1 stick butter
        1 cup sugar
        3 eggs
        1 t lemon zest
        2 T lemon juice

        whisk flour thru salt in a bowl
        in sep. bowl, cream butter & add sugar. beat till light & fluffy.
        add eggs 1 at at time.
        add lemon zest & juice.

        add flour to wet just til blended. don't overbeat.

        put into greased & floured pan (if using cupcake liners, no need to do this step). bake in 350 deg oven for 30-35 min in a cake pan, or about 20 min if cupcakes (be sure to check a bit sooner if your oven runs hot).

        happy baking!

        1. Well I made the Ina Garten Lemon cakes today as a test, and I think they are really nice.

          However, I'm now stuck as I'm not happy with the other recipe I tested, roasted peach and blueberry. Sounded amazing but the texture of the actual cupcake is too heavy/floury and just lacking in some kind of wow factor. So am hunting for a nice blueberry cupcake recipe now.

          1. How about also filling a pastry bag with lemon curd, then filling the cupcakes with it before frosting (a la Hostess cupcakes)? Would add extra lemon "bite", as well as a nice surprise.

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              I keep thinking about doing this but I am a bridesmaid and will already be icing the cakes on the day. Filling them as well seems like a lot of work.I will be brushing them with a tart lemon syrup before icing.

              1. re: kookiegoddess

                Understood. Note that filling doesn't involve scooping out a cavity or anything like that. Just jam the tip into the middle, give a squirt, move to the next one. I just figure the "wow factor" of having a lemon curd (which you could buy pre-made) inside would be pretty cool.

                1. re: kookiegoddess

                  That mascarpone frosting recipe above has you fold in some lemon curd which adds that lemon bite to the frosting.