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Sep 1, 2010 06:11 AM

Rec for dinner

Hello all-

Need opinions for dinner tonight. Of the new places that have opened recently, what are your favorites? We are looking to stay under $250 for two.

What does everyone think of Dobson's these days? I was thinking old school would be the way to go. Is the food good? Or do they exist on name alone?


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  1. Hey Dags..
    I like Dobson for lunch..or drinks with all my attorney buddies.
    Bali Hai might be about old school..they just renovated and the views are can keep it under $100.
    I love the Rancho Santa Fe inn for quiet, simple elegance..
    You can take the water taxi over to Coronado from the Gaslamp and enjoy dinner at il fornaio or Candela's..still keeping it around $100+
    Wine Vault is another option.
    Have fun and report back!

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      Oh, I forgot about Wine Vault. hhhmmm, might check out their menu.

      Today is my birthday and I am really in the mood for something unobtrusive and elegant. If I have to listen to one more loud upsell for sparkling water or one more semi-competent waiter say, "Can I getcha guys started on some apps..." I'll scream.

      BC thank you for the recs! I'll let you know where we dine.

      1. re: Dagney

        Happy Happy Birthday Virgo girlie..from one Virgo to another..
        Just checked WV and they are closed today.. :(
        Le Fontainebleau room at the Westgate is old school.
        Mille Fleurs is country French in the ranch.

        I hear you on the upselling crap by incompetent college age servers..drives me nuts too!

        1. re: Dagney

          "Can I getcha guys started on some apps..." I'll scream.

          I feel your pain.

        2. re: Beach Chick

          Yeah, I agree, the quintessential Dobsons experience is more lunch.