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Sep 1, 2010 05:20 AM

ISO fish market open Labor Day

is it too much to ask? A fish market open on a holiday? Close to Arlington/ Cambridge? I'll be needing haddock or cod & mussels......

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  1. I'm afraid it probably is too much to ask - I've never known of a fish market open on Sundays, let alone major holidays. You may need to shop on Friday and freeze your fish until Monday.

    1. Local fish markets probably closed, Market Basket has a pretty good fish selection and is open on Mon.

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        It's true, the only place you're going to find fish on Monday is at a supermarket, so if you have one whose fish counter you trust, you could try there.

        Bear in mind that they will most likely not have received any fresh fish themselves since Friday or *maybe* Saturday.

      2. I would guess the fish market at Summer Shack will be open on Labor Day, as it is part of the restaurant. They have a pretty good selection albeit fairly expensive. But what good seafood isn't?

        Summer Shack
        310 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210

        1. The fish markets on the cape are open on Labor Day. I know this is too far away for you - not to mention the traffic leaving the cape that day!!! If you do not want to freeze the fish you buy I have a great idea for keeping it fresh a day or so longer than usual. Get a few of those plastic blue blocks you put in coolers. Freeze them and put them on top of the fish in the meat drawer of your refrigerator. I read this tip in a magazine a few years ago and have been doing this ever since. It really works. I have passed this information on to friends and neighbors and they report excellent results. I live on the cape and fish is readily available here.

          1. James Hook on Atlantic Ave is usually open for a a few hours on Labor Day...