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Good Korean Ssam bap (not bossam)?

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I'm looking for a place that'll do a decent ssam spread that isn't bossam. Something like rice, bulgogi or dwaeji bulgogi, perrila leaves, steamed cabbage, lots of pickles and kimchees, and ssamjang. I've had a good ssam bap at Sa Rit Gol, but I believe they're closed now. Any suggestions?

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  1. No one?

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      thr is a place i went to a few yrs ago that does just that... i rem them having at the very least 8-10 diff wraps. unfortunately i haven't bn back since and cannot rem whr or wat it was called, for the life of me. twas def good tho.

      soban seems to get good revs, tho i have yet to check it out.

    2. The only place I know of is Si Gol Ssam Bap on Western Avenue. It's now an AYCE place which is decent but the draw here is the huge plate of ssam they bring out - perilla leaves, lettuce, cabbage, kelp, etc. Their house-made ssam jang is pretty good from what I can remember.