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Aug 31, 2010 07:13 PM

6 years later....still looking for *good* Indian food in PDX...

Is it a futile pursuit? I love Indian food and sometimes frequent some of the downtown carts which are okay for what they are but where oh where is the delicious Indian place? Someone out there must know, or just tell me to give up!



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  1. Our two favorites are Swagat (multiple locations - NW on 21st, SW in Beaverton, another out near Orenco station); and Abhiruchi (not sure if I have the spelling right there) which is in a strip mall at the intersection of Murray and Tualatin Valley Highway (next door to Grocery Outlet).

    1. I'm not Indian and haven't traveled there so I can't say I know truly "authentic" Indian food but that being said I have eaten a lot of Indian food in many places throughout North America and London and feel confident in recommending East India Co. in downtown Portland. A friend of mine who is originally from southern India loves it and they will even make his favorites from home which he says are awesome.

      IMO, the mushroom appetizer (coated with amazing spices and cooked in the tandoor) is great and the Muchli ka Tikka has perfectly cooked, tender, moist, and amazingly spiced fish. Beware the vindaloo unless you like crazy hot food but overall I have eaten with many people at East India Co. and based on my experiences as well as others I would highly recommend it.

      East India Co
      821 SW 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97205

      1. Indish on NW 21st. Sort of nouveau Indian by way of London. We love it!

        1. Thats funny I came to the board to ask the same question! Bombay cricket has issues but far superior to Swagat, Maybe We will try Indish we are taking a vegettarian to dinner tonight abd Portabello is closed and too big a party for lossoming Lotus and WE love Indian. We are willing to Travel India Grill is terrible and we don't want a cart... I think is a HUGE opportunity for a great Indian chef/business person!

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            Agree that India Grill is awful by any measure. I'll never go to Bombay Cricket either, after the way we were treated last time. Please report on Indish, I'll be interested in other opinions.

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              We've eaten at Swagat in both the Orenco location and the Beaverton location. The Orenco one was far superior to the Beaverton location. So don't judge them all the same. Guess you would just have to try them.

            2. Chennai Masala in Hillsboro (Tanasbourne area) is authentic and reasonably priced. I think it's worth the trek out to the west side and the reviews have been consistent. I personally love it!

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                absolutely agree about CM! one of the places I miss after leaving the westside of town.