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Aug 31, 2010 06:32 PM


Whats your fav Italian Restaurant?

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  1. In?

    In Vancouver, my new fav is Lupo. Also had great food at Cibo a little while ago.

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      1. re: misterpeer

        La Buca
        Trying Lupo on Friday for our 10th anniversary and hoping to add it to my short list :-)

    1. My favorite is Lupo as well.

      1. Great thanks for your suggestions! has anyone tried Don Francesco Ristorante?

        Don Francesco Ristorante
        860 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z1X9, CA

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        1. re: misterpeer

          Once for a large party that began with hors d'oeuvres, which ended up being the best part of the meal. The actual dinner was just ok and I would probably only go again as an invited guest and wouldn't choose to dine there myself. The service and staff however were very nice and professional.

          1. re: misterpeer

            they tend to cater to the tourist, out of towners and certain groups.
            the meal i had a few years wasnt too memorable. it wasnt bad just not worth the coinage.
            service can be good there. but 'selectively' good imho.

            1. re: betterthanbourdain

              Really like La Buca, and La quercia. To impress oot guests Il giardino, consistently some of the best Italian in the city

              La Buca Restaurant
              4025 MacDonald St, Vancouver, BC V6L2N8, CA