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Aug 31, 2010 05:47 PM

The Local in Rhinebeck. Anyone been?

It's perhaps too soon to evaluate this new place, but I'd love to know if anyone has been to the Local.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Yes! It is amazing. I was there opening night and have been several times!! Every meal I have had there has been out of this world. MHKM - the crepe is amazing!!! It is actually unbelievable! I recommend it. Everyone has been posting each other that it is the best meal they have had in a long time. GO!!!

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        Hi! WHere is tis place?? Cant find it anywhere .... thinking about doing my smal rehersal dinner there next week.... Other option is The Red Devon ...

        Red Devon Restaurant
        108 Hunns Lake Rd, Stanfordville, NY 12581

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          we were there this past weekend. good, will go back, but not great. i said to someone it seemed momofuku-influenced, but the flavor pairings weren't so "oh, WOW!" as chang's places...also, a good chunk of it seems influenced from his work under melissa kelly (now primo, maine). he used to be chef @40 west market, now he's at 38 west market.

          anyhow, it's at:

          the local/seasonal dishes listed there aren't on the menu any more (there's some new ones), but all the small plates and (i think) all the large dishes are the same. we had a few small plates.

          wife really liked the creamsicle drink and her creme brulee for dessert.

      2. Had a fairly solid meal here a couple of weeks ago. Love that they use seasonal and local food. The duck 3 ways with spaetzle (?) was the stand out dish. Dumplings were good. Salad good. Cocktail list is decent. Would definitely go again - it doesn't strike me as being as solid as Le Petit Bistro, but the menu seems more innovative than LPB which I like.

        1. So I finally ate at the Local this past Saturday for a anniversary/birthday celebration and I have to agree it was pretty, pretty good (For all you Curb fans out there).

          We started off with the Cockles (Small clams) with onions, potatoes, and chorizo among other things. They were very good, the broth was stand out, bout wanting to drink it afterward.

          We had the Duck Two Ways, someone mentioned above Duck Three Ways, they must have changed it, one too many ways I guess, but none-the-less it was really good. The Spaetzle was a treat as I love it, you don't see it much, and I think its hard to do right.

          The other entree was the scallops dish. As I remember it was brushed with some basil pesto and sat in some red chutney type thing with a polenta cake. As you can probably guess, it was real good.

          We also got the lime creme brulee for the "birthday cake" which was very good as well.

          As for the smaller things, beer, wine etc. The beer menu could use some reinforcement in my opinion, I believe only two beers on tap. The birthday girl got wine, not very savy in that arena, she didn't rave nor complain about it.

          As for price, I'd say the food is reasonable, the drinks will get you, as they always do I guess, but overall I was well satisfied and will be returning hopefully sooner than later.

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          1. re: MHKM

            We ate there Friday night and thought the quality was way above average. Husband was a bit put off that they brought over two thin baguette slices with a pat of butter but they did bring more when we asked. Wish we hadn't had to ask. I had the fish and chips, great batter coating, crisp, light. Loved the dessert with their homemade cinnamon ice cream, caramelized, thinly sliced bananas and bread pudding. Great taste-blending. I wish we could get away from these tiny circles (tartlet-like desserts) and back to a generous scoop of something coming from a larger dish. Thought the drinks were pricey: small glasses of wine for 9-12 and cocktails for $12. LOVED the minimalist environment and subtle, contemporary gray/black/industrial tones. I definitely would go back. I have to give the owners a lot of credit, they are right there in the kitchen, and they know food. Everyone has their dream.

          2. i've been a couple more times, friend and i had a wonderful dinner, my wife and i went last night and were quite happy as well. we had:

            golden beet salad
            (special) southern fried quail with grits and amazing gravy
            (special) cod fish and fries, seemed like everyone was getting this
            pork scallopine.

            nice stuff.

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            1. re: bob gaj

              I haven't been to The Local yet though a friend of mine raved about it. If you are looking for a supremely yummy place, I'd go to Le Petit Bistro. It is very cozy and intimate, and the French cuisine is really top-notch. It is a splurge though. $100 for 2 on average.