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Aug 31, 2010 04:29 PM

Allendale biergarten

I read in the latest Allendale newsletter that a new biergarten is being built at the old Putt Putt site. Does anyone have any knowledge of this other than the fact that it is in the works. I'm looking forward to it as an alternative to the Pour House, which I don't care for, provided the new biergarten is different. Basically, would like to have a place close to home for beer and cigar smoking. .

Putt Putts
8669 N Highway 77, Lexington, TX 78947

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  1. I don't have any information about the biergarten other than it would be welcome. What I WOULD like to comment on, is that I know the woman who produces the layout and she will be thrilled to find out that someone actually reads the newsletter.

    1. I saw this a while back but haven't seen much since then...

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        Thanks, I had not seen that. So it actually will be a family oriented place that serves beer and wine as a sideline. Not quite what I was hoping for but I'll give it a chance. Could be, though, a very good thing for the nieghborhood. I notice how busy Phil's and Amy's are with all the MILF's and their kiddos.

      2. What's your problem with Pour House? I've only been once (no food), but i thought it had a pretty decent beer selection.

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          Probably it seems generally that there was something about the atmosphere that didn't set right with me. I know that is vague and sounds unfair but to be more specific I find the beer selection of BB Rover's to be far superior. The first visit I made, and the second, I found the bartenders to be surly and not the welcoming kind of attitude I like. Service was nonexistent. I sat outside waiting for a waitress but soon went inside like everyone else was doing.Also it was terribly noisy( I know what you are thinking, well, duh, it's a beer joint). Overall it is just not the place for me when I go with a friend to have cigar, beer and some inane conversation. Just a personal thing, but thanks for asking.

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            There's something funny about the Pour House. The servers are all very capable, but its almost like the owners beat the soul out of them. It's a business, don't forget.

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              I got the same vibe, singlemalt. Waitress was not outside much, so we "self served". Wings were pretty good but the burger was pretty awful. Music was very schizophrenic and loud. Beer was fine. (as a side note, there were two of the strangest women at the table next to us, gave us great stuff to talk about after they left...between songs blasted on the speakers)

          2. They were supposed to open in June but the property looks untouched. I can't find the site now, but a while back I found their permit documents online and it looked like there may have been some trouble there (something about not serving alcohol.)

            1. I emailed them a few days ago asking when they would open (site is and received no response. Assuming the project is dead.