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Aug 31, 2010 04:15 PM

Poisson Cru...does it exist in San Diego?

I'm jonesing for some Tahitian Poisson Cru to bring me back to Moorea..
Never seen it on a menu here..any thoughts?

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  1. It KIND OF exists here. There was a "celebrity chef" fundraising event in La Jolla on May 15th at which Megan Michel from the Palomar Culinary School whipped up and served a large batch of poisson cru. Maybe you can talk her into a to-go box? See last photo in this article:

    1. Why not make your own? It's super simple and delicious in the summer... As far as I remember, you just need coconut milk, lime juice, onions , and fish of course. Some recipes have a little bit of thinly sliced carrots and tomatoes.

      1. Thanks bizzwriter and frogprincess!
        It would be easy peasy to make but it would be nice that it would be offered at's so sublime and a different take on the ceviche that is served in SD.
        Cold Hinano's and poisson cru is probably one of the best meals I've ever had..helps that a beach in Moorea makes for a wonderful backdrop.

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          You are welcome Beach Chick. I also have fond memories of poisson cru and hinano in Manihi in the Tuamotus... sublime.