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Aug 31, 2010 03:37 PM

Cabanas at Bartolotta, too cold in Nov?

Would it be too cold to dine in one of the Cabanas at Bartolotta in November?

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  1. November evenings in one of the Cabanas can be a delight - the average high in Las Vegas for the month is 67 degrees, and it is not unusual to get halfway into November and still be in the low 70's. Keep in mind that because the warmest part of the day is in the late afternoon, the evening dining temperatures remain warm and pleasant.

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      thank you for the reply, I am from FL, so needless to say my blood has thinned a bit. I think if dressed the right way, the cabana would be very nice.

    2. Just a warning that they won't guarantee you the cabana so don't set your heart on it - we were there in July and requested a cabana in advance, but when they seated us we were inside and they made no mention of our request. There were definitely empty cabanas so we were confused as to why we were inside, but didn't push the matter. Either way our dinner was outstanding.

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        Thank you for the heads up. Since this will be our wedding night dinner, I want it to be special in every way. If they cannot or will not guarantee a cabana, it just might take them out of the running for that night anyways. Maybe another night, because the food does sound amazing. :)

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          I would call and very nicely explain the importance of the dinner and ask them if they can guarantee the table.

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            Well it might be worth a try. I will let everyone know what the outcome is. Thank you Scott for the suggestion.

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              And the Verdict is....
              I called to ask if it's possible to guarantee a Cabana for a Tuesday night wedding dinner for 5 people. The polite lady informed me that it was at the "discretion" of the Maitre'd as to which parties were seated at the Cabanas, and all she could do is write down our request. She also said that the weather would be a factor. So it is a roll of the dice, as to whether the Maitre'd thinks your party is worthy of a Cabana.

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                If the weather is warm enough for eating al fresco and being in the cabana is really REALLY important to you, introduce yourself to the Maitre'd and slip him a neatly folded bill when you shake his hand. Somewhere between $20-$100 should guarantee you a cabana.

                It's awesome to note how discretion suddenly changes when the size ofthe tip increases.