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Aug 31, 2010 03:01 PM

Best hot dog in KC?

I'm in town frequently and would like some suggestions on where to get a good dog. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. Haven't been there but it sounds as if it's worth a try...
    Rock-n-Moroccan on 39th.

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    1. re: BChow

      Thanks for the link, BChow. Yes, this is a very decent dog, but not incredibly phenomenal. That said, KC doesn't boast a great Hot Dog offering. I recommend Grunauer, a nice Viennese place in a great location (Crossroads district downtown), or go for a smoked sausage at Oklahoma Joe's - the best barbecue in the world. No joke. Ask Anthony Bourdain

      1. re: KC Napkins Guy

        Ah yes. Oklahoma Joe's. LOVE that place. The smoked sausage is great. I'll follow up on these other two suggestions. I've always been a little surprised that with KC's history in the meat industry there weren't more hot dog places. Isn't there a meat/butcher shop around Merriam (maybe Shawnee) somewhere that I've read or heard about that does various meat in tube form offerings?

        1. re: eatkansas

          You might be thinking of Werner's in Mission (Johnson Dr. & Outlook St). It's a European deli/butcher/sausage shop that excellent sausages. On Saturday's from 11ish to 2:30ish they set up a grill and sell a variety of their sausages from a stand. Very delicious. I think they usually set up a grill during the week for lunch, but they only cook one variety.

    2. I like Fritz's Smoked Meats at State Line and 103rd. Werner's is great on Saturdays if the weather is nice.

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        Westport Flea Market, which claims to have the best burger in KC (VERY debatable) serves a Fritz's hot dog in their restaurant. I haven't had it but heard they split it length-wise, which I wouldn't like. So if anyone goes there, you may want to request that it not be sliced open.

        Westport Flea Market
        817 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111

      2. I don't think KC is really a hot dog kind of place. Some cities it's a major food group (Chicago, NY) but not here. We eat more of the non-mystery meats :o)

        That said, Werners is the place. Great sausages.